DMAIC – 5 Steps to Continuous Improvement

DMAIC is a project management methodology that is the backbone of Six Sigma. It provides a clear and structured approach to managing improvement projects that also promotes a mindset of continuous improvement.

This simple yet robust methodology has produced better, faster and cheaper outcomes with a well proven set of tools and techniques that follows these 5 steps:  

  1. Define – the problem by asking key questions such as what is the problem and what is its extent and impact.
  2. Measure – the problem to get a baseline performance by gathering data that is relevant and reliable.
  3. Analyse – the problem to get to the root cause by studying the process and understanding and verifying it with data.
  4. Improve – by developing solutions that will work best and deciding how to implement them effectively and efficiently.
  5. Control – to ensure the new improvement  has resolved the problem, is stable and can be sustained.

These simple yet powerful steps will guide you and your team in a structured and sustainable way to solve problems, sustain the outcomes and look for further improvements. To start your journey and get an in depth understanding of the DMAIC methodology, try our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Programs.