Capability and Development

Nationally Accredited Programs

Nationally Accredited Programs are designed to provide a structured training discipline across all levels of the organisation and recognition with a nationally recognised qualification.

Our accredited training programs across our Academy range is structured among eight levels of the Australian qualification framework and the only registered training organisation (Training ID #70227) within the country to offer a vast suite of Competitive Systems and Practices qualifications:

Vative use a unique learning method that blends multi-level group-based learning in conjunction with application-based activities that are aligned to the organisation’s continuous improvement strategy. This unique approach groups teams working on workplace-based improvement projects.

Unlike traditional classroom-based programs, the Vative  Academy program focuses less on academia and more on experience-based application learning that enhances team culture and cultivates individual competencies and character strengths in a team environment. Our programs in Competitive Systems and Practices offers an innovative training package utilising Lean Six Sigma methodologies which have proven to have a direct impact on:

Cost – Optimising processes to remove waste

Quality – Pursuing zero defects in outputs

Delivery – Delivery of goods & services in full on time

Safety – Eliminating hazard with visual management

People – Transparent processes which alleviates frustration & boosts morale

Vative facilitators are purpose-driven to inspire people and organisations to achieve their greatest potential.  All our facilitators have proven experience in motivating teams,  change management, leading positive return on investment projects, coaching for performance growth, implementing continuous improvement systems and developing leadership and culture.

Lean Six Sigma Programs

Vative Public and Onsite Lean Six Sigma Programs:

At Vative we have combined the advantages of Lean and Six Sigma to offer three key programs to develop your knowledge and skill to excel your own as well as your organisations Continuous Improvement journey.

The most common overlapping principle of Lean and Six Sigma is the holistic continuous improvement mindset. The Lean and Six Sigma streams also require the fundamental skill of identifying the customer (internal and external) and to recognise that any process that does not add value to the customer is considered waste.

An advantage to Lean is its ease and speed in implementation with Six Sigma brings its extremely robust conclusions due to its use of statistical methods to analyse real data.

Vative’s Lean Six Sigma program material and certification standards were developed with the help of Motorola University.

Vative offer the following public as well as onsite Lean Six Sigma programs:

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Program – A 1-day introduction to some of the fundamental Lean Six Sigma methodology with participants intended to participate in improvement projects.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program – A 4 day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a practitioner level program with participants leading smaller improvement projects. A dual certification option is available where Vative Green Belts will receive a National Graduate Certificate level qualification as well as an International Certification.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program – A 14 day Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is an advanced practitioner level program with participants leading large improvement projects. A dual certification option is available where Vative Black Belts will receive a National Graduate Diploma level qualification as well as an International Certification.
    Master Black Belt level training and certification is also available and would require an interview with our Master Black Belt lead trainer. Please contact Vative to enquire.

The Vative Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certification options are unique in that it offers a dual National Qualification as well as an International Certification. Vative is the only Lean Six Sigma provider in Australia who was exclusively chosen by Swinburne University to deliver a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt unit as part of Swinburne University’s Master of Supply Chain Innovation Course.

Customised Workshops

Vative offer a range of customised workshops tailored to support organisations in the building continuous improvement cultures. Workshops are aligned to theories tools often utilised across Lean, Six Sigma and Agile methodologies.

Workshops are delivered as workplace based in a face-to-face delivery method or via live online facilitation ranging from half day to full day. Printed and online resources are provided to learners of group sizes of up to 12. Workshops can be clustered together to suit required knowledge and skills pertaining to the organisation’s needs.

“It helped with a great sense of achievement with something I can now apply, coach and mentor with other people in the organisation. The Black Belt gives you great development in your career and prospects to go even further if that’s the path you want to choose.”

Steven Crouch, A W Bell

“A lot of the roles I was looking for required an official qualification in process re-design and process engineering. The biggest take out from the unit has been seeing just how applicable it is to my career as it stands and future opportunities to use the learnings.”

Teresa, Student at Swinburne University, MBA Executive