Case Studies

Business and Process Improvement Case Studies

Vative is Australia’s largest dedicated business optimisation consultancy and training organisation.

Through Vative’s track record of delivering 500-1000% return on investment (ROI) for our projects and programs, many large and small companies are saving millions of dollars by embracing Lean Six Sigma.

Read on to find out more about how Vative has worked with organisations to bring about tangible results across a range of industry sectors.

Lean Construction

The adoption of Lean Construction techniques by the Sunraysia Solar Alliance resulted in significant benefits in the areas of time, cost, quality and most importantly, safety.


Downloadable Case Studies:

Abigroup and Sunraysia Solar Alliance – 38% cumulitive increase in productivity.

Lean Manufacturing

Vative’s strength in the Manufacturing sector continues to prosper as they partner with clients delivering tangible results and growth to their businesses.


New Touch Laser achieve delivery performance of record highs, while their overtime plunges to record lows. Take a look at the video below to a see a truly impressive outcome.


Waverley Industries achieve 250k worth of savings. More importantly, their people (who have special needs) are happier than ever.


Silvan achieve cultural transformation and massive cost reductions through the application of Lean manufacturing methodology and tools.


Downloadable Case Studies:

New Touch Laser – Cost, delivery and culture improvements.

Central Steel Build – 83% increase to an emerging arm of the business.

Black Duck – 30-40% increase in production capacity.

Sayfa Systems – 46% reduction in leadtime.

Sancell – Six-figure savings due to waste elimination.

Lean Logistics

Vative’s certified Lean and Six Sigma programs and business improvement expertise has been used extensively to bring about system and operational improvements in the Logistics environments.

Vative saved Dentsply $80,000 in employment costs alone, in addition to many other cost savings through 5S implementation and process optimisation.

Lean Agriculture

Vative’s hands on approach to business improvement is perfectly suited to ‘on farm’ processes. A macro view of your operation coupled with effective engagement of staff can yield hundreds of thousands of dollar savings.

Lean Government

Vative’s team have worked with a number of Governmental departments, including the Department of Justice (DoJ). The DoJ engaged Vative to facilitate a change management program that supported staff undergoing a large scale organisation change to its payroll and HR functions.


Downloadable Case Studies:

Department of Justice – Successful change management.

Lean Office and Services

The Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication excelled and set a brand new level of expectation around service delivery within their space. The video below featuring Dwayne Kirk from the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication, explains the process and the results achieved.


La Trobe University achieves $1.9M in realised savings after working for 12 months with Vative on a Lean Office/IT program.


Downloadable Case Studies:

La Trobe University – $2.6 million in savings and an average ROI of 250% on ICT projects.

Superpartners – Saving of 2.6 million minutes per annum of time.

Lean Mining

Magnum Australia achieve outstanding success with Lean.

Magnum Australia design and manufacture robust, functional and cost effective high-pressure water dispersal products focused on the Australian mining and quarry industries. Vative’s lean program has instilled a culture of continuous improvement to all levels of the business and resulted in significantly reduced operational overheads. One example of a project completed during Vative’s program was the identification of excessive waste during a tank manufacturing process. A lean practitioner utilised his skills to identify and implement improvements resulting in the process lead time reduced from 5 weeks to 3 weeks with a project ROI of over 10,000%.

Lean Healthcare

Provision of seamless patient journey for surgery is always a challenge for any healthcare facility. Peninsula Health teamed with Vative’s Health Division has successfully applied Lean Six Sigma methodology to its surgical journey, both reducing surgical start time while engaging the whole surgical team in the process.

Recently, Vative Healthcare achieved phenomenal results for St Vincent’s Hospital (St George’s) through a 75% reduction in staff handover time and a reduced rate of falls. The video below provides an exlanation of the strategy that was implemented and the results achieved.

Lean IT

La Trobe University achieves $1.9M in realised savings after working for 12 months with Vative on a Lean Office/IT program.


Downloadable Case Studies:

La Trobe University – $2.6 million in savings and an average ROI of 250% on ICT projects.