Sayfa Group’s Safer Systems offer innovative solutions for height safety and fall protection in the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors. Australian owned Sayfa responds to the evolving needs of its customers by continuously developing market leading systems and solutions. Advanced fabrication techniques and facilities enable Sayfa to customise its modular systems to meet individual specifications.

Project statistics

Project challenge

Sayfa was relocating to a new warehouse in Boronia, Victoria, and contracted Vative to guide the company in developing a new layout and processes to reduce waste and optimise safety, cost, quality and product delivery. They had issues with work and material flow, goods receiving and finishing areas, as well as less than optimal use of existing warehouse space.


Melbourne, Victoria


Sayfa were in dire need of developing processes and layout improvements with a quick turnaround in their new location for better safety, cost, quality and delivery and for their future plans.


The future warehouse layout focused on three areas: despatch U-Cell and despatch bulk area, inward goods and superbulk area, and kitting the U-Cell area. Vative ensured the project included a detailed schedule to ensure on-time commencement at the new warehouse, a current and future value stream map to identify and reduce waste, and an 80/20 analysis for parts and products to optimise locations and Kanban quantities.


In total, the value stream map delivered 22 findings. The majority had a low or medium cost and risk factor, and a low level of implementation difficulty. With guidance from Vative, Sayfa achieved a reduced Leadtime by 46 per cent and improved its process time up to 33 percent for picking items, quality control check, pack, wrap and paperwork. The company received a strong return on its investment in Lean with a payback period of just 8.5 months.


The value stream mapping implemented by Vative delivered excellent outcomes for Safya’s warehouse move, resulting in a streamlined new design for its production areas. This change largely derived from Lean training undertaken by Mr Vos and his co-managers and outwards/inwards goods. The influence of Lean training also helped in areas where training wasn’t carried out, affecting the business’s collective mindset for continuous improvement.

“We now have an ongoing program of continuous improvement, but the real benefit is that it has created massive change in the business.” – Damian Vos, Operations Manager, Sayfa Systems