Taking a Holistic Approach to Continuous Improvement

Vative’s Professional Services provide a holistic view on the direction of your business and clarity on where the best productivity improvements will come from. We have developed the “Vative Continuous Improvement Journey” to provide organisations with a pathway to follow based upon Lean Six Sigma principles. We understand that every company’s journey is unique. So, we work with organisations to develop customised programs of professional services tailored to individual requirements.

Professional Services & Workshops

Business Strategy and Analysis

Lean Leadership Alignment and Coaching

Capability and Development

Project Management

Results and Certification

Continuous Improvement Through Technology

Benefits of Working with Vative

Globally Certified

Vative’s Lean Six Sigma programs meet the international certification requirements set by our certifying partner Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals (LSSSP). While less valuable certifications only require assessment through an exam, Vative courses certified by LSSSP also require participants to successfully complete an improvement project(s). This traceable certification demonstrates to all enquirers that Vative Lean Six Sigma Certification programs are up to the highest requirement standards and are recognised globally. Vative’s Lean Six Sigma program material and certification standards were developed with the help of Motorola University.

Industry Specialists

People are the key ingredient that set all organisations apart. Vative truly believes that our strength to be innovative comes from our Business Transformation Specialists who are not only skilled Lean Six Sigma practitioners, but also have a wealth of varied industry experience in leading and managing large teams and projects. The project implementation is the most valuable process for our clients as they get an experienced and qualified Lean Six Sigma practitioner who will look at the project planning and implementation cycle through a Lean Six Sigma lens of effectiveness and efficiency.

Nationally Accredited

Nationally Accredited Lean Programs by Vative value add to both employees as well as to organisations. Individuals gain skills when they apply the learnings to a workplace-based improvement project. Improvement projects form part of the assessment for the individual to receive the Nationally Accredited Qualification. Organisations benefit from having greater skilled employees as well as substantial and tangible savings derived from the improvement projects. Our Continuous Improvement programs may also be government funded, making it a financially practical pathway to up-skill employees and drive a culture of Continuous Improvement.