Current & Desired Future State

Value Stream Mapping

The Value Stream Map identifies the current state flow of the organistion’s information, materials and resources required to produce the product or service that is delivered to customers. The value stream is analysed to understand critical factors such as:

  • Delays which are currently holding up actions
  • Processes producing quality issues
  • Where excess inventory is tying up resources unproductively

With validated data on process cycle times, defect rates, value add, and non-value add activity the Value Stream Map highlights opportunities for improvement (Kaizens) which can be deployed as projects when engaging teams in Vative facilitated training programs which are aligned to the organisation’s continuous improvement strategy.

A Value Stream Design is created encompassing the realised improvement projects, this desired future state provides clarity to the executive sponsors on the vision of a Lean business enterprise and transparency to the management of the organisation who would lead the deployment of the improvement projects across their teams.

This workshop requires key stakeholders and process owners of the organisation’s value stream to be available approximately 4 hours of each full day service delivery. Access to the where the processes take place is required by the facilitator to conduct a ‘Gemba’ walk and validate inputs and conduct time studies.


  • Value Stream Map – Current state outline
  • Value Stream Design – Desired future state
  • Cost Benefit Analysis – Kaizen Improvement projects
  • Presentation to executive sponsors on findings

Lean Business Diagnostic

The Lean Business Diagnostic provides a health and maturity assessment against the fundamental pillars that drive operational excellence in a world-class continuous improvement business. This benchmarking exercise can be applied across multiple portfolios across the business providing strategic insights of core focus of training and project implementation. Our Lean Business Diagnostic has two levels depending on your organisation structure and measurement requirements:

  • High-Level Overview: 6 Overarching Pillars
  • Advanced Deep-Dive: 4 Areas + 6 Detailed Pillars

High Level Overview

  • Business Strategy & Engagement
  • Customer Focus (Process Management)
  • Standardisation (Workplace Alignment)
  • Resource Flexibility (Capability & Competency)
  • Quality Assurance (Operational Performance)
  • Business Analysis (Visual Management)

Advanced Deep-Dive

  • Management Systems & Continuous Improvement Processes
  • Value-Adding Processes
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Perfect Quality
  • Standardisation
  • Pull Systems
  • Process Orientation

Supplier Improvement Diagnostic

Supply Chains are notoriously inefficient. According to the Logistics Bureau, only 19% of supply chains achieve 97% stock availability ; only 8% match that with on time delivery of 97%; only 4% do so on the customer’s first request; only 2% of supply chains achieve world class Delivery-In-Full-On-Time (DIFOT).

Vative’s Supplier Development Improvement Program allows your business to:

  • Identify and rank suppliers against critical metrics
  • Measure supplier Priority and Performance
  • Measure potential revenue savings
  • Measure potential productivity gains
  • Conduct Lean Diagnostic of your top three suppliers
  • Receive report on suppliers’ process improvement areas

The SDIP Program is designed to improve your suppliers performance through Vative’s engagement with them towards Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence. Improved supplier performance means greater throughput, improved productivity and less stock holdings all of which means revenue savings to your business and value add to your clients.

“It was fantastic to work with Vative. It was really inspiring. Vative were able to bring our management team together which turned out better than I thought it was going to be. We considered Vative to be part of our development team even though they were the ones guiding us.”

Leeann Rayner, Operations Manager, Apprenticeships Matter

“Vative were amazing to deal with. They applied their skill sets and knowledge and have really helped us… so we can take what we have learned about implementing Lean and 5S for many years to come.”

Brad Drury, Managing Director, New Touch Technologies