Our Social Impact

Vative is a unique social enterprise that takes its Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. Vative is 50% owned by the registered charity organisation ShareTree.

The ShareTree charity model is unique.  It has been designed in a way that invests in creating social businesses that are half for-profit and income capped; and half owned by a charity. Each business that ShareTree has seed-funded, created or acquired is a 50% charity-owned entity because ShareTree is invested in the business venture.

ShareTree has seed-funded a range of businesses in different industries. These businesses are required to meet strict income fairness standards, which regulate a maximum of 30:1 income distribution ratio cap. This means that no person within the entity will ever earn more than 30 times the lowest income earner. Unlike other entities, income is wholly declared and includes wages, profit shares, dividends, and fringe benefits.


Growing Mindsets & Cultures of Gratitude

ShareTree is a movement to evolve character, culture and community, so people can live with greater purpose and gratitude.

ShareTree is a registered charity that empowers greater equity and harmony in society through sharing between individuals, schools, businesses and community organisations. This is done primarily through character education and acknowledgement.

ShareTree delivers “Cultivating Character and Culture” programs to individuals, schools, businesses and community organisations via face-to-face workshops and through its free ShareTree App.

Website: https://sharetree.org/