Social Impact

Our Social Impact

Vative is proudly a Social Enterprise governed and 50% owned by the registered charity organisation ShareTree. When you invest in Vative you are also investing in the community!

We offer to registered charities corporate solutions at 20% discount to support the advancement and optimisation of community organisations.

ShareTree is made up of a group of Social enterprises that all contribute 50% of profits back to Charitable organisations. It’s an advanced model of impact whereby for-profit organisations exist in balance to support community benefit.

ShareTree invests in Social leaders and organisation that want to ‘Be the Change’ we need to see for a fairer and more progressive society. Each business that ShareTree has seed-funded, created or acquired is a 50% charity-owned entity. ShareTree is invested in the business venture purpose and people. These ventures are strategically selected to also serve community value in Continuous Improvement, Education, Human Development, Government Support, Technology, Healthcare, Environmental Sustainability and Well-being.

Vative under the ShareTree group practice income fairness standards, which regulate a maximum of 30:1 income distribution ratio cap across all employees. This means that no person within the entity will ever earn more than 30 times the lowest income earner. Unlike other entities, income is wholly declared and includes wages, profit shares, dividends, and fringe benefits.


Growing Mindsets & Cultures of Gratitude

ShareTree is a movement to evolve character, culture and community, so people can live with greater purpose and gratitude.

ShareTree’s main community impact services are to:

(a) Educate – To create an accessible and sustainable technology enable model of education and learning for students (including vulnerable/at risk students), teachers and communities by aligning and evolving best practice in character virtues education;

(b) Engage – To use technology to connect people in team cultures through authentic acknowledgements of gratitude highlighting character strengths and building higher performance and resilience thereby reducing the root causes of stress, mental issues and depression.

Additionally, to connect services the skills of corporates with community organisations (predominantly PBI/DGR endorsed), thereby engaging all involved to provide relief for the needy and underprivileged.

(c) Empower – Promote fairer wealth and income distribution, sustainable environmental practices and philanthropy in organisations by empowering consumers with awareness and choice;

Additionally, to invest in Social Enterprises that generate profits whereby dividends will be received by ShareTree Inc. to sustain and grow its impact.

(d) Undertake any other activities and projects that will advance and sustain the principal purposes of the Association.

ShareTree delivers “Cultivating Character and Culture” programs to individuals, schools, businesses and community organisations via face-to-face workshops and through its free ShareTree App.


Our Group Of Social Enterprises