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“Vative were amazing to deal with. They applied their skill sets and knowledge, and have really helped us… so we can take what we have learned about implementing Lean and 5S for many years to come.”

Brad Drury Managing Director New Touch Industries

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At Vative, we aim to be truly innovative in every service we provide for both organisations and individuals.

Our Lean Six Sigma learning centre in Melbourne revolves around developing and sustaining a culture of Continuous Improvement. Our Lean Six sigma programs follow the ‘belt system,’ which is organised to define the hierarchy of learning from the methodology which includes: Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean Practitioner.

Lean is a proven methodology and tool kit used to eliminate waste by reducing process time and increasing flow. Six Sigma is a methodology and tool kit used to improve process capability by reducing process variation. Together Lean Six Sigma is a powerful tool which can be used to differentiate your business from a competitor within your industry sector. Its purpose is to reduce process waste and variation and in doing so, it creates a chain reaction of improvements to staff morale, product and service performance, customer satisfaction and ultimately to profits and shareholder returns.

Organisations which implement Lean Six Sigma training correctly achieve significant benefits that contribute to competitive advantage and to changing the culture in an organisation from reactive problem solving to proactive problem prevention, saving both time and resources. Individuals can also benefit from achieving nationally or globally recognised qualifications which can boost their career prospects to a leadership or management position. Our programs are designed to motivate employees into becoming active contributors to their own personal and professional development and the future sustainability of your business. Currently, we are the only Lean Six Sigma consultancy and institution in Melbourne offering a dual Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals certification coupled with an Australian Nationally recognized qualification option. As a Registered Training Organisation accredited through the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver Nationally Accredited Qualifications Australia wide Vative’s programs are truly value adding.

Vative offers organisations and individuals the choice of Lean, Lean Six Sigma as well as Leadership programs. Vative works in a variety of industry sectors including Manufacturing, Service, Agriculture, Mining, Retail, Government and Healthcare. In every sector Vative brings years of experience to eliminate waste and improve process improvements for better efficiencies and future outcomes. Our goal is to leave our clients completely satisfied and self-sufficient working into the future.

The Vative journey includes alignment to purpose, leadership alignment and coaching, capability development, project implementation and facilitation and finally results and celebration. So whether it’s through individual projects, comprehensive redevelopment of processes, or bespoke solutions  requiring change management, Vative can help. Our experience in implementing Lean Six Sigma based projects across a range of industries and businesses enables us to provide a flexible approach to suit a variety of specialised needs. We ensure fast and effective delivery of business improvement solutions for both small and large organisations.


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