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Our Inspired Clients

Rasika Niwanthi
Rasika Niwanthi
23:13 28 Feb 21
The one day training I had was a really good one
Ashan Meegoda
Ashan Meegoda
05:44 24 Feb 21
Very well organised yellow belt workshop. Jetha did a great job in facilitating the workshop. Everyone was involved in the activities. Gave me... different perspective to look at a business problems and look for improvement opportunities. Looking forward to implement some of the learnings in my work. Good Job Jetha. All the best more
Janet Miller
Janet Miller
23:01 19 Oct 20
I found the Lean 6 Sigma training course very interesting and thought provoking. I will apply the methods at work and at home.
01:45 16 Oct 20
I have completed my Green Belt training, it was very hands on training with lots of example from real life scenarios. Parth has thorough knowledge of... Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement. The course material was great, Its been fantastic more
Rohan Shields
Rohan Shields
22:59 14 Sep 20
Really enjoyed my LSS Yellow Belt course. Jetha was an engaging teacher and made the session enjoyable. A full day course and I was happy and... engaged the whole time. Very informative but simple enough to relate to. Well done!read more
Marta Mejia
Marta Mejia
08:39 20 Aug 20
I really enjoyed the Green Belt Lean Six Sigma course, successfully delivered online by Vative.Parth is a very experienced Lean Six Sigma... facilitator, keeping the participants engaged, matching the theory with practical examples and inspiring us to continuously improve our more
Imogen O'Brien
Imogen O'Brien
00:10 20 Aug 20
Amazing workshop, Jetha was incredibly engaging and inspirational. Would recommend to anyone and everyone. Topics apply to both personal and work... more
Daniel Mackiewicz
Daniel Mackiewicz
22:19 09 Aug 20
Completed Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt and Green belt training with Vative and was very impressed with the organisation. I found the content to be... highly relevant and useful in my role and the facilitators had a great passion for continuous improvement. Would recommend Vative if you're looking for help in implementing change in your organisation or simply want to learn more about LEAN Six Sigma methodologies and more
Raji jay
Raji jay
05:59 31 Jul 20
Absolutely enjoyed the Vative Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification training. It was indeed an exploratory continuous improvement journey.Parth,... you created an inclusive environment to learn and share ideas. The sessions were very informative, engaging and participating. You are a great facilitator and an exemplary and visionary more
Maximus Anthony
Maximus Anthony
02:13 23 Jul 20
The session was well prepared, the presenter, Parth was no doubt a subject matter expert, articulate, confidant and had a knack for getting the... participants involved. The learning was indeed of great more
Sean Courtney
Sean Courtney
04:43 22 Jul 20
Definitely enjoyed this first part of many for me in this course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and gave great instruction. I learned a great... deal in a short amount of time and look forward to putting these ideas into place at a site more
Raksha S20storage
Raksha S20storage
12:33 10 May 20
Parth Bommakanti was an amazing lecturer. We had a three day intensive course but the hours just flew by thanks to the well structured course and... engaging activities that were conducted. What I loved was the practical application of the theory. Usually lecturers just teach you dry concepts and principles but this course was very practical and the examples given made it so easy to understand. Highly recommend ?read more
ian haw
ian haw
20:21 05 May 20
I have been involved in several session both in person and online with Vative and i am a better person for the experience and knowledge they can... provide. The way the information is presented and expressed, certainly helps how to interrupt tools and processes to help on my CI journey. Thanks especially to Parth for delivering his life experiences in a way that takes you along that journey and how you see those experiences in your own life and more
Glenn Altoft
Glenn Altoft
05:24 28 Apr 20
I have now attended a number of Vative workshops after first attending a CI breakfast workshop and they have all been excellent. I highly recommend... these workshops delivered by Parth for learning the tools and understanding methodologies about Leadership, Culture, Managing Change and developing a CI more
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Vative 5 Step Continuous Improvement



Continuous Improvement Culture

Strategy & Alignment

Executive Alignment
Key leadership engagement to align continuous improvement values and behaviours that drives organisational culture towards a true north.

Strategic Planning
Known as Hoshin Kanri, cascades organisational strategy into tactical actions to eliminate wasted efforts through inconsistent direction and poor communication.

Communication Plan
A standardised communication plan to incorporate components of the organisation’s Continuous Improvement strategy and vision to ensure all levels of an organisation are aligned and informed of the journey.

1. Strategy & Alignment

Current & Desired Future State

Value Stream Mapping
Detailed analysis on the current state of the organisation’s product/service value stream in order to detect wastes and improve the flow of processes to achieve a desired future state.

Kaizen Cost Benefit Analysis
Improvements to the value stream prioritised based on a cost, benefit and difficulty whereby the pareto principle arranges focus on projects delivering the greatest impact.

Lean Business Diagnostic
A Lean business health check outlining the maturity against six key pillars of continuous improvement:  Process Orientation, Standardisation, Perfect Quality, Transparency, Flexibility and Pull Systems.

2. Current & Desired Future State

Capability & Development

Nationally Accredited Programs
Delivery of nationally recognised training across a wide range of Competitive Systems and Practices qualifications starting from Certificate II through to Graduate Diploma which also includes accessible Government funding.

Lean & Six Sigma Programs
Internally certified training programs in Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt levels, also available are Lean Practitioner through to Expert and Master levels. All programs offer online training options.

Customised Continuous Improvement Workshops
Bespoke workshops tailored to suit any workplace skill needs, workshops are interactively delivered both live online or in the workplace across all continuous improvement methodologies: Lean, Six Sigma and Agile.

3. Capability & Development

Project Management

Lean Six Sigma Project Consulting
Specialisation in process engineering, layout planning and cell design including effective measurement of equipment and capital resources.

Project Management Facilitation and Training
Training and coaching project teams in the use of proven project management methodologies such as DMAIC, PDCA and Agile to deploy workplace improvement projects from strategy to execution.

Performance Monitoring Technology Systems
With use of IoT devices together with custom built software that is cloud based with mobile application capability to provide real-time performance of overall effectiveness of machine or movement of product. The measurement of asset availability and performance and with customised quality providing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

4. Project Management

Results & Certification

Executive Summary
Summarised overview on the overall engagement highlighting critical factors on successful outcomes, project team results on savings, areas of concern and risk to sustain outcomes and further recommendations on strategies to propagate a continuous improvement culture transformation.

Return on Investment (ROI) Reporting
Engagements with project teams yield a ROI in measurements of monetary value and time based. Reports prior to project execution indicate a projected ROI and post implementation measured again for its effectiveness against the stated ROI.

Certificate / Qualification Presentations
All engagements with team members are acknowledged for their efforts with a certificate towards their credentials, from participation certificates to Australian recognised qualifications and international certification across all programs and courses are presented in an effort to recognise, reward and celebrate success.

5. Results & Certification

Select Your Continuous Improvement Journey

  • Increased clarity and alignment of communication
  • Reduced project lead times
  • Continuous improvement mindset and culture
  • Better engaged teams, improved team morale and respect
  • More skilled and confident team members
  • Decreased costs and increased profitability

How We Can Help

Individual Solutions

Vative offers a range of Lean and Six Sigma training programs to build your knowledge and skills to elevate your career. Our training is enhanced through Nationally and Internationally Accredited programs including project experience.

Enterprise Solutions

Vative’s Professional Services provide a holistic view on the direction of your business and clarity on where the best productivity improvements will come from. We understand that every company’s journey is unique. So, we work with organisations to develop customised programs of professional services tailored to individual requirements.


Vative’s "Leading For Continuous Improvement" workshops focus on developing the leadership capabilities that can sustain a culture of growth and profitability. Our workshops are specifically designed to empower people to drive change both personally and professionally.