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Vative Online Lean Courses

Vative is excited to introduce our comprehensive online Lean Courses, meticulously designed to guide individuals through three progressive levels: Lean Foundations, Lean Practitioner, and Lean Master. Each course consists of multiple modules that incrementally build knowledge, starting from basic Lean principles and advancing to complex applications.

Self-paced Online

Learners can progress through the course material at their own speed, accommodating their individual schedules and learning preferences.

Instructional Videos

High-quality video content provides clear and engaging explanations of Lean concepts and techniques.

Interactive Learning

Engaging, hands-on activities and quizzes ensure an active learning experience that reinforces understanding.

Tools & Templates

Practical resources available for download help learners immediately apply Lean principles in their work environment.

Lean Foundations

Our Lean Foundations Online Course offers participants an initial exposure to Continuous Improvement principles. It encompasses the fundamental aspects of Lean methodologies, including recognising value and waste within your business operations. The course guides individuals in initiating the application of the 5S methodology, a crucial step towards fostering a culture rooted in dedication and high performance through the lens of Lean thinking.

This course contains three modules beginning with an overview of the general principles of Lean and Continuous Improvement, as well as the various Lean tools and application. Knowing the difference between what is of value and what is waste, is foundational to Lean and Continuous Improvement. This module provides the skills required to identify improvement opportunities within your business processes and to improve customer value by way of eliminating waste while saving time and costs.
The 5S module is considered a foundational step in any Lean journey and should be implemented prior to any other Lean tools. This element enables waste reduction within processes and creates a safer, more efficient, and organised work environment. 

  • Introduction to Lean Principles and Tools
  • ⁠Identify improvement opportunities within your business processes
  • ⁠Save time and costs through waste identification
  • ⁠Improve customer value by way of eliminating waste

A Vative Certificate is provided upon successful completion of 3 quizzes.

Lean foundations lays the initial foundation in continuous improvement and is suitable for anyone in the business. It is built for your Tier 1 level operators focused primarily on quality and can integrate into onboarding new staff, ensuring they understand essential Lean knowledge before entering the operational floor.

$359 + GST

Introduction to Lean

This module will provide you with the skills required to identify improvement opportunities within your business processes.

Identify Value and Waste

This module will help you understand how to improve customer value by way of eliminating waste and save time and costs as a result. 

Change Management

In this module, you will explore how you can create a culture of commitment and performance. Change Management is an important cornerstone to successful organisational transformation. 

Further your knowledge

Evolve your career and organisation to the next level by accessing the full list of best practice content, tools, and certifications through Vative Academy.

Benefits of Online Self-Paced Training:

  • Flexibility: Learners can progress through the courses at their own pace, fitting their studies around existing commitments.
  • Accessibility: Available anytime, anywhere, making it easy for learners to access content from any device.
  • Engagement: Interactive elements and varied content formats keep learners engaged and motivated.
  • Scalability: Suitable for individuals and organisations of any size, making it easy to train a small team or an entire workforce.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces the need for travel and in-person training, saving both time and money.

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