Online Courses

To help give you foundational knowledge in Lean principles, Vative is providing Online Courses, to help your Continuous Improvement strategy. We can custom deliver Lean programs utilising 3 different training methods:

  1. Face-to-Face Learning: Delivered onsite in classroom style delivery followed with coaching on project implementation in the workplace
  2. Online Leaning: Self-paced delivery via Vative’s Learning Management System where individuals log into a secure portal and learn via interactives with self-disciplined project implementation
  3. Blended Learning: Training delivery is facilitated using live online delivery method together online coaching for project implementation support

There are up to 18 modules to customised your learning needs. Vative offers these through 4 levels of Certification, commencing at a Lean Champion level, followed by Lean Practitioner, Lean Expert, up to Lean Master.

Below are samples of the video content embedded into our training material.

Introduction to Lean

This module will provide you with the skills required to identify improvement opportunities within your business processes.

Identify Value and Waste

This module will help you understand how to improve customer value by way of eliminating waste and save time and costs as a result. 

Change Management

In this module, you will explore how you can create a culture of commitment and performance. Change Management is an important cornerstone to successful organisational transformation. 

Further your knowledge

Evolve your career and organisation to the next level by accessing the full list of best practice content, tools, and certifications through Vative Academy. Content can be completed as full courses or undertaken as individual modules, like the above, on the topics that interest you

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