Nationally Accredited Programs

Vative offers Nationally Accredited Lean Six Sigma Programs, which include Certificate Programs in Competitive Systems & Practices as well as Leadership and Management. These accredited workplace-based programs are typically 6 to 12 months in duration and are ideal for sustaining a culture of continuous improvement.

Vative’s Nationally Accredited Lean Programs provide great benefit to both the individual (employee) as well as the organisation (employer). The individual gains the benefit of knowledge and skills when they apply their learning to a workplace-based improvement project. The improvement project forms part of the assessment required for the Nationally Accredited Qualification. The organisation benefits from having more skilled employees as well as the improvement projects that deliver substantial and tangible savings to the organisation. Additionally, employees who undertake the program may be eligible for government funding, making the program an attractive pathway to up-skill and gain the benefits of tangible improvements.

Nationally Accredited Programs

Lean Champion

Certificate III in Competitive Systems & Practices is designed for employees within any type of industry who are seeking to understand and attain foundational skills and knowledge in Lean tools and systems.

Lean Leader

Certificate IV in Competitive Systems is designed for developing and emerging leaders and managers within any type of industry.

Lean Practitioner

The Lean Practitioner Certification Program is a highly interactive and practical learning experience designed to help you build a solid foundation in Lean and give you the tools and methodologies to lead and implement Lean improvement projects within your organisation.