Results & Certification

Results and Certification

Vative prides its professional services on tangible results that provide a significant Return on Investment to businesses. Our track record in coaching and empowering our clients to achieve an ROI extends beyond 300% on all improvement projects, that is our aim.

Over the course of our engagement our facilitators document the the process of change measuring:

  • The shift in organisational culture and morale pre and post engagement
  • Savings across various forms of wastes
  • Projects return on investment in time and dollar metrics

Other non-tangible improvements may include leadership development, communication or psychological safety

This information is condensed into an Executive Summary presented to the leadership team on conclusion of our services along with key recommendations to ensure Continuous Improvement is sustained.

In this phase of our holistic approach to driving Continuous Improvement cultures we passionately recommend for the leadership to invest time and effort in rewarding and recognising the efforts and outcomes of the participating team members. Across all our Academy training products we issue participants certificates in a form of:

  • Certificate of Participation – Vative branded certificate outlining the course undertaken when a formalised certification option was not elected
  • Nationally Recognised Qualification  – For participants undertaking a Vative course recognised under our licensed scope for registration
  • Internationally Recognised Certification – Participants undertaking courses that encompass am international certification from the Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals

Celebrating success, recognising team efforts and rewards create a motivation continually engage in Continuous Improvement activities, cementing the strategy into the culture of the organisation.  Our Service offers the capacity for our Facilitators and Customer Solutions team to present certificates to the participating employees. Organisations who embody leadership understand that without inspiration

Project Outcomes and ROI

The aim for Vative is to deliver outcomes to our clients in the short as well as medium to long term. We are confident to say every engagement with Vative results in an outcome that moves our clients towards achieving their goals.

To ensure that expectations are met, and outcomes are transparent and tangible, improvement projects are scoped and return on investments (ROI) are measured and approved by senior management. This is especially evident in our Nationally Accredited Qualification programs where attaining a qualification is mainly based on project outcomes and ROI.

Vative has a track record of coaching and empowering our clients to achieve ROI’s in the range of minimum 300% up to over 1,500% on their improvement projects. A high ROI may seem unrealistic; however, the nature of Lean projects lends itself to picking the low hanging fruits with very minimal investment. Six Sigma projects may require high investment; however, the return can also be large.

“Our staff love having their workplace organised and are continuously striving to achieve their targets.”

Waverley Industries Management Team