Project Management & Consulting Services

Vative’s Customer Solutions team comprises of highly skilled Continuous Improvement professionals who encompass the nous and practical experience in change management environments across a myriad of industry sectors. Our team provide consulting advise and project management services on complex projects designed to improve overall organisational culture and performance.

Our services that surround this phase of building a performing Continuous Improvement culture are the following, though not limited to:

Specialisiation in Process Engineering

Our highly skilled team can facilitate the means of designing, implementing and controlling industrial processes to ensure optimal throughput is considered incorporating Lean methods of flow and Six Sigma methods of process control for quality outcomes.

Layout Planning and Work Cell Design

Poorly designed workplaces and production facilities leads to waste in unnecessary motion, Considering Lean Thinking into your layout is a proactive aspect in driving operational excellence within your business process, improving on product and service quality and a smoother flow of human movement, material and information together with optimal safety measures.

Supply Chain Consulting and Asset Efficiency

Truly optimising your business processes requires the review of your entire supply chain value stream and management of your asset lifecycle. Vative’s team comprises of highly specialised consultants who aim to transform business asset life cycles with circular supply chain innovations.  This specialised service provides a high degree of your corporate social responsibility by creating a sustainable approach to circular asset management and sustainable CAPEX procurement. Other Supply Chain consulting services include:

  • Sustainable and Ethical Procurement & Sourcing
  • Improved Forecasting and Inventory Management
  • Green and Reverse Logistics (capacity optimisation and utilisation)

Project Management Facilitation and Training

Our team of Continuous Improvement facilitators train and coach teams on solving complex problems using a range of methods stemming from Lean (PDCA and A3 project charters), Six Sigma (DMAIC project charter) and Agile Project Management. Measuring and managing projects from scope to execution provides business leaders and owners transparency on progression, ROI and assurance of maximized outcomes.

Performance Monitoring & Tracking

The measurement of overall performance of production or the movement of physical products provides live real time data to optimise the effectiveness of company equipment. Vative’s PerformHub Technology is a purpose built IoT device used to measure equipment availability (reporting on downtime or change overs), measure performance (Cycle times and TAKT) together with the custom capacity to measure quality outputs (counts without defects). All these measurements combined provides business leaders and owners an Overall Equipment Effectiveness.