Superpartners is Australia’s largest superannuation administration provider, managing some six million industry super fund member accounts and more than one million employer accounts on behalf of its clients. (It was since acquired by Link Group).

Project statistics

Project challenge

While many of Superpartners’ administrative processes had evolved over the years, the company had not questioned whether their current existing processes were effective or were needed. They needed to identify waste in order to move forward with better efficiencies and profitability.


Melbourne, Victoria


Superpartners required an outside perspective to eliminate waste in their current processes and business model. They needed new skills and to adjust their mindsets to shift the business from its current entrenched patterns to achieve better, more sustainable solutions for the future.


Vative provided Lean training to key personnel across three teams, followed by 12 months of coaching support that led to LSSSP (Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals) certification. 25 major processes were tackled, and the improvements resulted in Vative and Superpartners delivering a further workshop to additional employees.


After a year of working with Vative, Superpartners had examined 25 major processes and completed 104 initiatives. The most significant achievement was a reduction from 15 steps to 3 in a singular process. In total the company saved 2,600,000 minutes of time, equivalent to capacity of 33 full time staff.

It has also created a dedicated Continuous Improvement (CI) team which captures ideas that were once lost, quantifies the potential benefits, then drives and measures improvements.


Vative gave Superpartners the tools it needed to improve efficiency and change the culture of the company for continuous improvement. Following the success of the first 12 months of Lean projects, Vative and Superpartners are working together on a third round of process mapping and training workshops. These subsequent projects are expected to yield similar or greater benefits than what has already been achieved to date.

“Vative was really useful in giving us the tools to pursue Continuous Improvement. We saved the equivalent to 33 full time staff last year, which proves it’s worthwhile coming up with ideas.” – Cameron Curry Continuous Improvement Lead, Shared Services Superpartners.