Innovative Talks


Innovative Talks is about sharing experiences and wisdom on how to build a sustainable culture of Continuous Improvement. Vative will host these talks and invite our clients and subject matter experts to understand the why, what and how of sustaining Continuous Improvement.

With the help of over 40 organisations Vative have engaged with in the last 10 years, a study was conducted to investigate and determine the key components of Continuous Improvement performance. The findings were clear and not surprising with Leadership Commitment and Organisational Culture being the 2 key aspects of Continuous Improvement performance.

The Innovative Talks have a specific focus on developing leadership mindset and capability as key elements for sustaining a culture of Continuous Improvement. The talks are ideal for leaders and teams of Continuous Improvement who are the agents of change to establish improvements in Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Environment by motivating and empowering People.

These complimentary events are a collaborative effort to bring the best learnings and experiences to you. See our upcoming Innovative Talks below.

Purpose of Continuous Improvement

The Workshop is based on understanding the purpose of Continuous Improvement, the importance of leadership alignment and the critical success factors that ensure everyone is on board the Continuous Improvement journey.

Next Workshop: 24th June 2022


Foundations of Continuous Improvement

The Workshop is based on understanding the mindset of others, the organisation and your own to Continuous Improvement. You will also learn about the importance of setting a vision to create motivation and the difference between value and waste.

Next Workshop: 18th November 2022


Planning for Continuous Improvement Success

The Workshop is based on understanding the future state through "Hoshin Kanri" strategy deployment to ensure goal alignment and to understand the types of resistance to change that need to be managed to achieve success.

Next Workshop: TBC 2022


Sustaining a Continuous Improvement Culture

The Workshop is based on sustaining momentum by understanding the drivers of human behaviour and how the individual character and language used by a leader plays an important part in the building of organisational Continuous Improvement culture.

Next Workshop: 18th March 2022