Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program

Green Belt Training Program

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program is designed for industry professionals who are looking to develop their knowledge and skills for the purpose of leading change within their organisation using Lean Six Sigma principles. With the aim of providing a return on investment (ROI) on improvement projects, this program is ideal for team leaders, managers and technical experts responsible for implementing change as part of their continuous improvement journey.

This short course comprehensively covers the tools and methodologies required to become a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. The training course is designed to get you immediately starting to scope and implement medium to large improvement projects using the Define (D) Measure (M) Analyse (A) Improve (I) Control (C) project management methodology. The training program will be facilitated by an industry experienced Lean Six Sigma Qualified Business Transformation Specialist. 

See Program Schedule Below.

Standard (Face-to-Face) Delivery Program


Live Online Delivery

4 Days (8:30am – 4:30pm)

The Vative Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program is available as a Public Program as well as an Onsite Program at your workplace.

This course has been designed to achieve full competency within a 12-month period. Depending on the capability of the individual to implement a workplace improvement project, the course may be completed within 6 months.

This course is best suited for team leaders and managers who are seeking to specialise their skillset in continuous improvement utilising the Lean Six Sigma green belt methodology along with Lean based systems. This course aims to develop industry professionals with an in-depth understanding of tactical and operational know-how in strategic problem solving and process improvement. This course is applicable for professionals in any industry sector who want to elevate their careers as a change agent. Green Belts typically work on medium size Continuous Improvement (CI) projects on their own or part of a larger CI project under the guidance of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

All participants will receive a “Certificate of Participation” by Vative Academy to acknowledge that they have completed the workshop.


Vative is the only provider in Australia that offers its Green Belt certification program with a nationally accredited Graduate Certificate Qualification in Competitive Systems and Practices – MSS80322.

To successfully complete Vative Academy’s Graduate Certificate of Competitive Systems and Practices (Green Belt Stream), Learners must complete and be deemed competent in 5 elective units of Competency. Vative Academy’s Graduate Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices has been packaged in accordance with the packaging rules for MSS80322 within the MSS Sustainability Training Package:

Elected Units

MSS404052: Apply statistics to operational processes

MSS405053: Manage the application of six sigma for process control and improvement

MSS407014: Prepare for and implement change

MSS407003: Analyse process changes

MSS407005: Undertake a qualitative review of a process change

Day 1

  • Welcome to Define
  • Understanding Six-Sigma
  • Six-Sigma fundamentals
  • Selecting projects
  • Wrap up and action items
  • Define X-Pult simulation
  • Welcome to Measure
  • Process Discovery
  • Six-Sigma Statistics

Day 2

  • Measurement system analysis
  • Wrap up and action items
  • Measure X-Pult simulation
  • Welcome to Analyse
  • Process Capability
  • Intro to hypothesis testing
  • Wrap up and extra items
  • Analyse X-Pult simulation

Day 3

  • Welcome to Improve
  • Lean Tools
  • Implementing change
  • Wrap up and action items
  • Improve X-Pult simulation comp
  • Welcome to Control
  • Lean controls
  • Defect controls
  • Statistical Process Control

Day 4

  • Six-Sigma control plans
  • Wrap up and action items
  • Control X-Pult simulation
  • Further training/certification
  • Project Support
  • Project Identification & Confirmation
  • Review Define Stage and apply to project
  • Roadmap project deployment
  • Wrap Up
    • Participant Learning Handbook printed in colour
    • Certificate of Participation by Vative Academy

    Additional if Certified:

    • Project Assessment Booklet printed in colour
    • Project Charter Templates
    • 4 hours of one-on-one Coaching by Vative LSS Black Belt
    • Unlimited phone and email support

There are no prerequisites though learners must demonstrate one of the following entry requirements:

  • A relevant Lean Six Sigma Certificate (Yellow Belt)
  • A relevant Lean Six Sigma qualification through a Vocational Education & Training pathway (Diploma or Advanced Diploma levels)
  • A relevant Lean Six Sigma qualification to the level of Certificate IV together with significant relevant vocational practice at a team leader/technical specialist role or higher in an organisation
  • Relevant extensive vocational practice without formal qualifications at a team leader/technical specialist role or higher in an organisation
  • Relevant Lean Six Sigma certifications derived from industry bodies, internal employment training or a membership association
  • Access to a workplace mentor who has the capacity to coach you through the process of attaining this level qualification

Standard Program and Live Online Schedule:

This program content is delivered over an intensive 4 days, which includes using process variation simulation activities throughout the program. On the final day, participants are given a comprehensive understanding of how to scope a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt level project to begin the journey of implementation. Once the six sigma Green Belt certification option is chosen, participants will leverage the wisdom and support of industry experts such as our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Facilitators over a 12-month period to reach a successful outcome.

A Zoom or Teams Link will be sent to our Live Online participants once registration is received.

Standard (Face-to-Face) Training Program: $2,700

Certification: $1,950

Total Cost: $4,650


Live Online Delivery Training Program $2,400

Live Online Delivery Certification $1,950

A Zoom or Teams Link will be sent to our Live Online participants once registration is received.

Total Cost: $4,350

Where certification through our Graduate Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices is selected this course becomes GST exempt.

All costs are in AUD and payments are processed in AUD.

Credit Card surcharge will be added to the payment at check out.

  • 0.5% for VISA and Master
  • 1.95% for Amex

Cancellations post registrations will incur the following administration handling fees:

  • Less than 48 hours prior to program commencement – 50% of fees
  • More than 48 hours prior to program commencement – 10% of fees
  • Rescheduling registrations incurs a $150 administration fee

“Vative have recently been engaged to provide a green belt Lean Six Sigma in the organisation. The lesson plans are succinct and informative. The workshop activities allow you to instil the practices learned in a fun and interactive way. LSS is a fantastic principle for organisations to implement and the benefit will be seen quickly. The off-site training sessions and mentor programs were an asset to the course work and keep you on track to deliver. Vative have a genuine passion for what they do and truly believe in the LSS benefits for your company.”

Mandy Stupak – Jetstar

“The Green Belt program was an opportunity to bring 15 years’ worth of work experience together under qualification and make it official. My biggest take away was that it’s not just about manufacturing. There are wide applications across many industries.”

Andrew, National Retail Manager, Vision Australia

Program Schedule

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Frequently Asked Questions

For the participant:

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are globally recognised in industry and are highly sought after by employers
  • Developing a proactive mindset to continually improve
  • Develop project management skills to Define problems, Measure the impact, Analyse the root causes, Implement solutions and Control the outcomes (DMAIC methodology).
  • Seek and PwC have determined that complex problem solving and analytical thinking are in the top 3 skill sets which industry desire in candidates

For the organization:

  • Staff skilled with Lean Six Sigma problem solving and project management skills to drive improvement projects
  • Increased staff engagement, motivation and empowerment to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement
  • Improve business bottom line through cost reduction in process waste and variation
  • Improve business bottom line by adding greater customer satisfaction and value through better quality, delivery and competitive pricing

Vative offers a unique dual certification, upon successful completion participants will receive:

  • Graduate Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices – MSS80322
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt international certification by the Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals (LSSSP)

The Graduate Certificate and International Certification process requires program assessments, a 50-question quiz and an improvement project. The project can be completed within 12 months of the training program.

Successful completion of this course can enable you to further specialise your technical expertise into a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt level, which offers a dual certification option of Graduate Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices and an International Certification by LSSSP.

The qualification offers a higher education pathway and credits towards a Masters Degree for those who have lifelong learning aspirations to truly master their craft as a professional practitioner in continuous improvement.

If the program is cancelled or postponed by Vative, all participants will be notified 2 weeks prior to the date and offered a full reimbursement or an opportunity to attend another scheduled program date.

If participants would like to cancel, they must provide Vative notice in writing 2 weeks prior to the date of the program. If the cancellation is done less than 2 weeks prior to the program, 10% of the course fee will apply. If the cancellation is done less than 48 hours prior to program commencement, 50% of the program fee will apply.

There is a range of Government-funded initiatives from time to time that may be applied for and which are applicable for upskilling and business innovations. Please contact us to find out more.

Yes. A Lean Six Sigma skill set is not industry-specific and can be applied to any business processes that have waste and variation. Vative has experience in deploying Lean Six Sigma across a variety of sectors with Business Transformation Specialists from various backgrounds and experience to help contextualize the learning and application.

The answer to this question is based on how many participants your organisation would like to put into the workshop. If there are 6 – 16 participants, then we can run the workshop at your organisation. If there are fewer than 6 participants or you are doing this workshop privately, then we recommend that you attend one of our public workshops. Our required minimum number of participants ensures there is a good discussion, sharing of knowledge and the ability to run a simulation exercise.

4 hours of onsite, one-on-one coaching plus unlimited phone and email support is included if participants choose to become a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

If further coaching is required individually or as a group, please contact us or speak to the course facilitator.

Minitab is only used during Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programs. Subscriptions for this program are not included in the price.

Our facilitators are trained to adapt training and assessment to suit the needs of individuals whereby assessments can be adjusted to suit different levels of language and literacy.