Value & Waste

Having skilled resources to identify customer value and process waste is what every organisation needs for a performing culture

Industry leaders have grappled to understand and improve  organisational value and waste forever in time. Yet, many don’t understand the full breadth and depth of value and waste and it’s impacts on sustaining and growing a business.

As we endeavor to increase value and reduce waste in the race to develop a competitive offering, we often overlook what customers recognise as value, and the types of waste in our processes that deny us that competitive edge.

A broader awareness of Customer or Business Value-add and Non-Value-add has been a game changer of many Vative clients to achieve over 300% ROI on improvement projects, reduced employee frustrations and millions in costs and have the ability to step away from unnecessary capital investments to become more motivated, productive and competitive.

The first step is to commit to improving Customer Value that is defined as:

•  The customer recognises the value

•  Our efforts change the product or service towards what the customer expects

•  It is done right the first time

To recognise what is Customer Value-add, Business Value-add and Non Value-add, watch the following full-length educational video Value and Waste.