Which Lean Six Sigma Belt is for me?

Which Lean Six Sigma Belt is for me?

“Continuous improvement means that we never perceive current success as our final achievement.” — John Hunter

Lean Six Sigma is fast becoming a highly sought-after skill set in most industries due to its proven track record of improving business process capability, helping to develop future leaders and increasing the bottom line. When embarking on a Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement journey, a typical question people have is “which Lean Six Sigma Belt is most beneficial to me and my organisation?”.

Firstly, what is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean is a methodology and tool kit to eliminate waste by reducing process time and increasing flow. Six Sigma is a methodology and tool kit to improve process capability by reducing process variation. Together Lean Six Sigma reduces process waste and variation to create a chain reaction of improvements to staff morale, product and service performance, customer satisfaction and ultimately increasing profits and shareholder returns. This dynamic duo provides a powerful methodology and skill set to be more effective as well as efficient.

Secondly, which Lean Six Sigma Belt is best for me?

Lean Six Sigma professionals exist from top to bottom of an organisation with each playing an important role in the overall implementation of improvements. Lean Six Sigma belts comprise of Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black Belt depending on the responsibility, expertise and experience of the individual. The below pdf infographic breaks down the Lean Six Sigma Belts into some key roles and responsibilities to provide a simple quick guide as to which Belt is most suitable for you, based on your role and aspirations.

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