SCLAA News: WWG Cultural Transformation

“You get to make this a better place to work”. These were the empowering words that echoed in the minds of a team that collectively shared a vision – to ‘make a better workplace for all’. What resulted over the span of 12 months, was a complete cultural transformation that changed the working lives of the entire team. From the shop floor, all the way up to the highest level of management, everyone got involved and worked together to achieve their vision. Safety incidents plummeted, employee morale reached an all-time high, productivity soared and Continuous Improvement initiatives increased by at least 100%. It was a success story by all accounts, but more importantly, a lesson in sound leadership and outstanding teamwork.

In the Continuous Improvement environment that they’ve created, it’s only gotten much better. There’s a clear mindset that encourages growth and contribution. The people at WWG feel valued and know that any contribution they make towards change is taken seriously. It goes without saying that WWG is truly a better place to work.


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