MHD Supply Chain News

A thought-provoking editorial in this month’s MHD Supply Chain News, delving into the innovative leadership thinking at Workwear Group (WWG) which led to an organisation-wide cultural transformation.

In 2019, WWG identified a need to improve productivity through automation. The idea was great but had a common flaw that many similar organisations face; namely that if the process is flawed, automation only creates more flaws – and at a faster rate. WWG quickly realized this and realized it should consider applying Lean – a methodology and tool kit to eliminate waste by reducing process time and increasing flow – first.

WWG sent its Continuous Improvement Manager, Scott Simpson, to attend one of Vative’s Lean Practitioner three-day workshops. These workshops are focused on Lean philosophy and implementation. They educate leaders on how to practically implement Lean tools and methodologies to achieve substantial and sustainable productivity gains. Scott saw the value in his training and, upon completion, was certain that a Lean mindset was the key to driving a cultural transformation long yearned for. Scott knew that Vative could resolve a large share of WWG’s issues with measurable outcomes, and after collaborative discussions, they came up with a solution that combined Lean and leadership coaching, in an organisation-wide initiative, tailored to meet the needs of each department.

What occured was was an extensive cultural transformation from the leadership team to the factory floor. Not only have the initiatives implemented in 2019 continuing to this day, but the Continuous Improvement environment created has only gotten better, through an embedded mindset that encourages growth and contribution.


Find out how this transformation occurred, via the link below.