What is Lean Six Sigma?

Would you like to be Better, Faster & Cheaper?

It really is a ‘no brainer’ for business to pursuit being better, faster and cheaper, especially when consumers (that’s you) and the competition (that’s the businesses you run or work for) are all expecting and driving greater value for money. 
When we say better we usually mean better quality. When we say faster we usually mean faster delivery, unless you drive a Porsche where faster is something totally different. And when we say cheaper, we usually mean less cost. From as far back as one can remember, humans have been on the continuous pursuit to improve their lives by producing quality goods and services that are delivered faster with the least amount of cost. Businesses who have successfully stayed around over time have been those who have grown understanding of the importance of safely pursuing better quality, cost and delivery.
In the pursuit of excellence, two important methodologies have risen over time to better meet the demands of the consumers, safety requirements and to ensure sustainable growth. These methodologies are Lean and Six Sigma, and are frequently referred to as Lean Six Sigma. Predominantly Lean is about faster (delivery) and cheaper (cost) by breaking a complex task into its component parts to improve efficiencies and eliminate waste, and Six Sigma is about better (quality) and cheaper (cost), through centreing our process and reducing variation.