Parth Bommakanti

Business Transformation Specialist

Parth Bommakanti is a highly respected Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and NLP Master Practitioner with over 20 years of Leadership, Coaching, Executive Mentoring, Business & Personal Transformation and Training Experience. Parth’s passion to be a lifelong learner, his hunger for growth and the value he provides in coaching, training and mentoring his clients is widely recognised by Industry Leaders and Executives Australia wide.

Parth’s range of clients includes Ford Motor Company of Australia, the Department of Transport NSW, Department of Justice Victoria, the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman’s office, Latrobe University as well as many Small to Medium Enterprises in the Manufacturing and Service sectors.

Parth’s extensive experience in helping the transformation in people, businesses and communities comes from more than 1,200 hours of coaching and 1,300 hours of training experience. Nothing lights Parth up more than being part of the ‘aha!’ moments in people or a business, watching them shine as they see something new in themselves, their business and their life, as we tap into the unlimited potential that is innate within us.