Industry Association Partner


SIRF (Strategic Industry Research Foundation) was originally developed by the Australian State Government of Victoria in 1988 in conjunction with the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and the CSIRO.

The initial long-term goals for SIRF was to bridge the gap between the private sector and publicly-funded research organisations, through initiating and managing industry-led R&D and innovation projects. For the short-term innovation goals, SIRF set up industry lead, collaborative network called Roundtables which began in 1993.

By the year 2000, it was found that the Roundtable approach provided a powerful opportunity for members to explore important business issues to common problems. Therefore, in July 2000, the development of a new organisation ‘SIRF Roundtables’ begun to provide focused support for learning networks.

Today, SIRF Roundtables supports industry by providing opportunities to bring companies together across Australia and New Zealand, to share knowledge, expertise and training. SIRF Rt does this through several events including Roundtable meetings (Rts), Common Interest Work Groups (CIWGs), Lean and Root Cause Analysis Training, National Forums and International Guest Speakers.