5 Tips for Motivating Teams During Change

5 Tips for Motivating Teams During Change

5 Tips for Motivating Teams During Change

If you are leading change in your organisation, there are a number of strategies you can employ to motivate your team so they are focused, productive and maintain a positive mindset.


01 It’s not about you

Real change only takes place when people change the way they approach tasks. It is vital that you focus your efforts on the people involved in the target process. Teams need to understand how the changes will affect them directly, in order to feel motivated, empowered and gain a vested interest in outcomes.

02 What’s in it for them

Focus on positives.This may include personal development, increased ownership, empowerment, removing stress and minimising re-work through mistake prevention.

03 Empowerment

Make it clear who owns the process. In most cases, processes will belong to the people conducting them. The current team needs to have a clear understanding of their ownership of the process.

04 Scoreboarding

“What gets measured gets managed”.

Teams like to have goals to pursue and to track their progress visually. Measurement is vital. Establishing KPIs, collecting benchmark data and then tracking progress is critical for teams to stay motivated.

05 Leadership

If it’s important to the management, it’s important to the team.It is well established that clear communication of goals is a key element of high performing organisations.Every few days, take a few minutes of your time to walk around the organisation and ask simple, solution orientated questions. Join team toolbox meetings, reviewing metrics boards, visiting target areas and asking team members about progress are all effective ways managers can emphasise importance. The key is making contact regularly and staying on message.


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