2 Mindset tools to help you achieve results

Before we can achieve any results we need to be able to manage our mindset. Below are two essential mindset tools that will help you move past procrastination, and bridge your current state with your desired future state.

1. Goal Setting Tool: “Act As If”

Our internal dialogue can both assist us and prevent us from achieving our business goals. Have you ever misplaced your keys and the entire time you are searching, you’re uttering “I can’t find my keys, where are my keys!”? By focusing on the negative, we create a self-fulfilling prophecy, where by we reinforce that we can’t find something, can’t do something, or can’t achieve something.

Whenever you want to achieve a goal by a certain date, use “Act as If” language.

Act as if: Whatever you are trying to achieve, act as if you have already achieved what you want to achieve.

To make sure “Act As If” becomes a reality, you just need to convert your SMART goals into Act As If goals. You achieve this by reframing the goal as if it has already happened and by adding language in that describes how you are feeling in your future state, after you have achieved your goal. This will help you achieve mastery over your own internal dialogue and help you to visualise your future state more clearly.

  • SMART Goal: Achieve a 20% reduction in daily cycle times, from an average of 24 minutes to 19 minutes, by the end of this year.
  • Converted into Act As If: It is the end of the year and I have achieved a 20% reduction in daily cycle times, from an average of 24 minutes to 19 minutes, and I feel elated, grateful and overjoyed from our success.

2. Procrastination Tool: 80/51 Rule

(NB: This Rule is not for WHS or significant business or community risk situations)

Procrastination occurs when we are waiting or putting off taking the next step, because we want total information, or more influence. BUT you do not need to know 100% of the information – you can move forward without perfection.

Most people have heard of the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule:

  • With productivity, 20% of efforts generate 80% of results
  • In marketing, 20% of customers operate 80% of sales
  • In software, 20% of bugs cause 80% of errors

But have you heard of the 80/51 Rule?

When you have 80% of the information, and 51% of the influence = GO! This should be the trigger for you to take the next small step forward. There is great value in taking small steps, because incremental progress helps you gain momentum, and is the most effective approach to achieving your goals.

BUT how do you achieve 51% of the influence? When you are seeking to move forward with a process improvement, approach your support team and ask how you could get the 51% of influence on the process you are trying to move forward with, and as soon as the majority is tipped – Go!

The take away: Don’t wait for 100% readiness to start. The 80/51 rule gives you a mental cut-off point to take the next (small) step forward and gain momentum to be more productive.