Meet Our Team

Vince Agostino

Business Transformation Specialist 

Vince Agostino is a continuous improvement specialist with an impressive track record spanning over 35 years, spending a decade of his career as a Production Manager. His expertise extends across a diverse client base within Manufacturing, Services and Warehousing, where he has made significant contributions to over 40 Australian companies. Vince’s impact has been particularly notable in sectors such as Food & Beverage, Paper & Packaging, Building Industry, Printing, and the Chemical Industry. As a dedicated professional, he has played a pivotal role in the implementation of Continuous Improvement strategies, providing invaluable management, coordination, and support for projects that drive efficiency and excellence. 

Vince’s multifaceted approach involves education and training support, facilitation of workshops and team meetings, operational observations, reviews, and analysis. His commitment to fostering operational excellence is evident through his adept use of various tools and techniques, including Lean, Total Productive Maintenance, A3 Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis, Creating a Visual Workplace, Effective Daily Management, and People & Leadership development. Beyond these technical skills, Vince is well-versed in change management and continuous improvement culture transformation, showcasing his ability to lead businesses through comprehensive and impactful transformations. 

His strategic application of tools and techniques, coupled with a focus on leadership development and cultural transformation, positions Vince as a valuable facilitator in the pursuit of business operational excellence. 

Professional Services Specialisation 

  • Business Strategy 
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching 
  • Business Analysis 
  • Lean Six Sigma Capability Development 
  • Accredited Training 
  • Project Management Services 

Education & Training 

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) 
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 
  • Mentoring and Supervision  

Industry Sectors 

  • Manufacturing 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Logistics