Testimonials Posted by Vative December 12th, 2017


“We believe that the benefits we can achieve across our operation, more than covered the costs associated with the training. The size of the projects that people tackled has been quite variable. The biggest ones have delivered something in the order of $1.9 million in bottom-line improvement.”

“I acknowledge you (Parth Bommakanti) for your commitment to every student in your class getting the knowledge, and for the joy you bring to your teaching. I felt very engaged and motivated to take these concepts and apply them to real life.”  -Participant in Lean Training Program (2015)

Peter Holland

Director of Business Engagement, ICT

“The result we’re most proud of is an incredible 83% increase in the fabrication side of our business, which was previously around only half of what we offered in the market. The dollar value of that improvement is around a $1.8 million increase in a year, which was absolutely huge for us. I could attribute the bulk of that increase to the work we did with Vative.”

Gerald Edmonds

General Manager Central Steel Build

“It’s an absolute must for any manufacturing business in Australia to become more efficient, otherwise we’ll just lose more jobs to China. I firmly believe Lean is the only way of competing…It’s very simple, the tools are provided and it’s explained in a way staff can understand. Vative are very easy to work with.”

Tim Richardson

Eastern Australia Operations Manager Black Duck

“I knew I made the right choice when I met with the Vative Healthcare Facilitator and when the projects that had been identified were described to me, it was a complete match with what I had required and had difficulty getting off the ground. But having heard the planned structured approach for how these projects were going to be implemented – I knew it was going to work.”

Maryanne Welch

General Manager Mental Health & Aged Care Services

“Always knew that Lean was going to work. It just needed needed time and that time I think was about the third month into the program – we really saw the traction. I needed to justify to the board they needed to see the returns very quickly and they did. They saw the returns by decreasing the amount of time to manufacture the product, the decrease in stock, we saw stock drop by almost or probably a third of what the stock holdings we had previously and then over time we moved into one site… there were hundreds of thousands of dollars savings and the stock holdings we dropped as I said by a third or more, which is millions and millions of dollars.”

Frank Scotta

General Manager

“My advice to anyone who’s considering the Lean program and working with Vative to deliver the program is that if you think there’s anywhere in your business where you can make productivity savings there’s probably at least that much again that you haven’t thought of, and Vative has been a great partner for us because of the way that they’ve supported us right from the original concept through to full implementation. Our experience in working with Vative has been excellent being a service organisation. We found that Vative was very understanding and coming into our business and learning what makes a difference for us and what success means for us and the results driven approach really matched our motivation for undertaking the program.”

Dwayne Kirk

Managing Director

“As a result of the Vative program and our Lean training, we’ve now streamlined where we can take an order instead of taking two days to getting to the machines we can now do it in two hours. We’ve eliminated a lot of double up, reduced our lead time and made a very cumbersome process a lot more simplified.”

“Our delivery performance went from about 60 percent of jobs on time or early to around 90 percent.”

Brad Drury

Managing Director

“I have no hesitation in recommending Vative as a provider of Lean Six-Sigma training. We would rank the capability of the material and delivery by the facilitator as the best externally sourced training we have run in RailCorp.”

John Cruise


“The project was able to achieve an increased labour utilisation from 50% to around 80%, giving the double benefit of lower costs and a faster program that resulted in significant gainshare for the alliance. Put simply, Vative was able to provide the necessary tools and innovation that enabled greater efficiency and perhaps more importantly, superior quality and safety outcomes for all project stakeholders.”

Mark Bartoli

Alliance Manager - Abigroup Contractors

“We have achieved massive improvements across the board through working with Vative, Lean and Six Sigma. A new culture has been implemented, and the return on investment has been far more than we expected. This is a fantastic process.”

Mark Bell

General Manager Hussey & Co.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Vative as a provider of Lean Six Sigma training. We would rank the capability of the material and delivery by the facilitator as the best externally sourced training we have run in RailCorp.”

Phil McWhirter

General Manager Continuous Improvement, RailCorp

“We had worked with Vative before and had great results. We justified the investment in the project with Vative on the fact that we had done some analysis and knew there was savings there. But we knew we needed some help with the finer points. The biggest result for us was that we needed some change with our layout as we were spending a lot of travel time through our day to day process. We reduced our travel time and doubled our capacity to send the product to the clients. Some other good results from the lean process was our 5S implementation…The advice I would give for someone looking at using Vative’s business services was that the engagement you get is fantastic. And not just the outcomes but also the ability to give you the skill to carry out the analysis that they have done for you.”

David Pummel

Warehouse Manager

“We now have an ongoing program of continuous improvement, but the real benefit is that it has created massive change in the business.”

Damian Vos

Operations Manager Sayfa Systems