Vative Academy is a Registered Training Organisation (TOID 70227) accredited through the Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver nationally recognised qualifications Australia wide.

The Academy arm of the Vative Group of companies is an accredited learning centre maintaining educational standards across multiple divisions within the group. Vative Academy provides individuals and businesses access to a variety of specialised and purpose-built training services complimented by Government funding and support mechanisms.

Vative Academy offers Nationally Accredited Lean Six Sigma Programs, which includes Certificate Programs options in Competitive Systems & Practices (CSP) as well as Leadership and Management (L&M). These accredited workplace-based programs are typically 6 to 12 months in duration and are ideal for sustaining a culture of continuous improvement.

Nationally Accredited Lean Programs by Vative Academy provide much benefits to the individual (employee) as well as the organisation (employer). The individual gets the benefit of knowledge as well as gaining skills when they apply the learnings to a workplace-based improvement project. The improvement project is part of the assessment for the individual to receive the Nationally Accredited Qualification. The organisation benefits from having greater skilled employees as well as the improvement projects that deliver substantial and tangible savings to the organisation Another benefit for the employer is that employees who undertake the program may be eligible for government funding, making the program an attractive path to upskill employees and gain the benefits of tangible improvements.

The word ‘Academy’ dates back to Plato’s school of education founded approximately 385 BC at Akademia, a sanctuary for Athena the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and strength; all of which are desired virtues for personal and organisational transformation. Utilising powerful and proven transformative learning methods and practices, our accredited training programs are effective and influential to those who aspire for change. Vative Academy is a trading name for Inspirative Training Pty Ltd.

Employer Testimonial

“Vative were amazing to deal with. They applied their skill sets and knowledge and have really helped us… so we can take what we have learned about implementing Lean and 5S for many years to come.”

Brad Drury, Managing Director, New Touch Laser