Vative Academy is a trading name for Inspirative Training Pty Ltd. The Academy arm of the Vative Group of companies is an accredited learning centre maintaining educational standards across multiple divisions within the group. Vative Academy provides individuals and businesses access to a variety of specialised and purpose-built training services complimented by Government funding and support mechanisms.

The word ‘Academy’ dates back to Plato’s school of education founded approximately 385 BC at Akademia, a sanctuary for Athena the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and strength; all of which are desired virtues for personal and organisational transformation. Utilising powerful and proven transformative learning methods and practices, our online training programs are effective and influential to those who aspire for change.


The Vative Academy online learning discovery journey always starts with a high-quality custom developed fun animation. Our animations provide a transfer of knowledge following the proven “4MAT” learning cycle. “4MAT” is a framework for understanding the way people and organizations learn, communicate and evolve. It provides a common language for understanding the way individuals and groups move through the process of experiencing, assimilating, acting upon and integrating knowledge. Your Host ‘Master Kaizen’ will introduce you to the topic of every module and explain the purpose of why this module content is useful and where it can be applied. The main body of content explains all the key concepts of the module in practical ways generic to any industry. Master Kaizen also closes every module with a summary of the learning including what to look out for in applying the knowledge. Sample video content for each module can be previewed in the module overview and found on the YouTube Vative Academy Channel.


Interactive learning is a discovery-based approach of learning that encourages the learner to become more engaged and retain more knowledge. With or without a form of technology, interactive learning helps strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills. The online interactive provides a learning experience that allows for self-discovery via your own journey path and pace. It provides links and images to explore where deeper information can be discovered as desired. The interactive summary can also be downloaded for each module and stored as a user handbook. This is a useful reference for when projects are being implemented on for each module topic. Each module interactive download collates into a series of learning that will create your own customised Lean Handbook for future reference.

Case Studies

A case study is an account of an activity, event or problem that contains a real or hypothetical situation and includes the complexities you would encounter in the workplace. Case studies are used to help you see how the complexities of real-life influence decisions and application of module knowledge. Case studies exist across a range of industries. This assists the learner to see how each module’s knowledge has and can be applied in actual working outcomes. Most case studies provided are real examples of module application that serve as a powerful reference when implementing your own projects. All case studies are downloadable for future reference to support your learning journey.

Tools and Resources

Generally, the greatest delay and barrier for any project commencement is having the tools required to complete the objective. Vative Academy provides you with best practice tools and templates to complete projects related to each specific module and have been developed from decades of experience and knowledge. From surveying tools, to board layouts and everything in between, Vative Academy online provides the tools to help you get your job done professionally and effectively. Tools and Resources are provided for each specific module. Here you will find a downloadable repository of ready to use templates to get you started straight away on any module topic. These are provided in common Microsoft Office formats, so they can be easily stored, integrated and modified to suit your specific project requirements.

Project Application

Have you ever met a person that learned how to ride a bike by reading a manual? Neither have we, thus our core philosophy at Vative Academy is centered around ‘Learning is Doing’. Our way leads the market and provides certification through project application to a standard beyond most. While comparable certificates to other standards can be attained through examinations only, we consider this as a partial certification. We are firm believers that actions always speak louder than words and that a person truly learns the deeper meaning by rolling up their sleeves and implementing an outcome-based project. Our practical learning approach creates a more sustainable transfer of knowledge and deeper understanding. Project implementation also provides direct benefits of efficiency, savings and optimisation to the host organisations where the projects are implemented. Project based learning is a positively geared investment in wisdom that pays dividends via improvements on an ongoing basis.

Employer Testimonial

“Vative were amazing to deal with. They applied their skill sets and knowledge and have really helped us… so we can take what we have learned about implementing Lean and 5S for many years to come.”

Brad Drury, Managing Director, New Touch Technologies