Continuous Improvement Culture Survey

To effectively build an organisational culture centred around Continuous Improvement, it’s important to begin by assessing the current state of your organisation’s culture and the readiness of your team to embrace change. Understanding these aspects lays a strong foundation for successful implementation and sustainable growth.

We have developed a Continuous Improvement Culture Survey that you can use to assess your current state and re-use at intervals to gauge progress. It covers questions that fall under Health, Safety & Environment, Quality, Delivery, Cost, and People. The data obtained can serve as a basis for developing tailored strategies to cultivate a culture of Continuous Improvement.

It is important to recognise that building a Continuous Improvement culture is an ongoing process. It requires continuous evaluation, adaptation, and reinforcement. Encourage feedback from team members throughout the journey, be open to making adjustments based on their input, and celebrate successes and milestones to reinforce positive behaviours and sustain momentum.

Download our Continuous Improvement Culture Survey below.