We are Partners in your Journey to Grow and Sustain

We guide you in your journey to create business growth and improve productivity by developing your continuous improvement culture. We take a practical set by step approach to help guide your business towards your vision with the right character to grow and sustain your business.

Enterprise Solutions

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Organisational Culture

Business Strategy & Analysis

Purpose, Vision & Character
Development of the organisation Purpose, Vison and Character (PVC) with the leadership team and key stakeholders (2 Days).

Business Strategy & Metrics
Development of a strategic Business Plan on a Page (BPP) with metrics to achieve the organisation’s PVC (2 Days).

Business Analysis & Status
Lean Six Sigma tools such as Value Stream Mapping and Lean Business Health Check are deployed to understand current and desired state (2 – 4 Days).

1. Business Strategy & Analysis

Leadership Alignment & Coaching

Alignment and Business Priorities
Engaging the leadership and key stakeholders to understand the purpose of Lean Six Sigma, critical success factors and priorities (1/2 – 1 Day).

Leading for Continuous Improvement
Empowering the leadership and front-line management to manage change by adopting a positive mindset of gratitude, understanding behaviours, project management and measuring success to cultivate a Continuous Improvement culture (2 Days).

Cultivating Character & Culture
Educating the leadership and front-line management on individual and organizational character and the power of acknowledgment and gratitude in cultivating a culture of Continuous Improvement (CI). (2 Days).

2. Leadership Alignment & Coaching

Capability & Development

Lean Six Sigma Workshops & Programs
Public and in-house workshops and bespoke client programs to build capability in Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies.

Nationally Accredited Training Programs
Certificate courses covering Competitive Systems & Practices (Lean Six Sigma) and Leadership & Management ranging from Certificate II to Graduate Diploma.

Online learning & Coaching
International Certified Lean Modules and Courses ranging from Lean Champion, Lean Practitioner, Lean Expert to Lean Master.

3. Capability & Development

Project Implementation & Facilitation

Program Facilitation & Coaching
All programs are facilitated by a Lean Six Sigma qualified coach.

Project Management and Consulting
One-off or ongoing project implementation and management by a Lean Six Sigma qualified coach.

Technology based monitoring and reporting
Flexible and affordable “IOT” based monitoring and reporting system to analyse processes and recommend improvements.

4. Project Implementation & Facilitation

Results & Celebration

Project Outcomes & ROI
Outcomes of projects are agreed and measured to see team progress and ROI.

Presentation & Celebrations
Teams present to the leadership on project outcomes, receive accreditation / certification and celebrate success.

Review & Next Steps
Client leadership team and Vative Continuous Improvement Facilitator review training and project implementation outcomes and next steps.

5. Results & Celebration

Individual Solutions

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Character & Competence

Alignment to Purpose

Develop your own purpose and how it relates to the organisation’s purpose

1. Alignment to Purpose

Leadership & Character Development

Become a Continuous Improvement leader and understand behaviours, change management, metrics and how individual character qualities cultivate organisational culture

2. Leadership & Character Development

Capability & Development

Learn the tools and methodologies of Lean Six Sigma and become an Accredited and/or Certified practitioner

3. Capability & Development

Project Implementation & Coaching

Implement improvement projects and be coached by a Lean Six Sigma qualified Continuous Improvement Facilitator

4. Project Implementation & Coaching

Certification & Graduation

Be recognized with a Nationally Accredited Qualification and / or an Internationally Recognised Certification

5. Certification & Graduation

Interactive Journey Wheel

Vative guides your business in creating growth, identifying opportunities and improving productivity through Continuous Improvement training. Regardless of which industry you are operating in, common challenges are faced by all and require a trusted strategy to address them in order to remain competitive and achieve a sustainable future. These challenges revolve around managing costs, meeting delivery times, ensuring quality is built into processes and ensuring the workplace is safe. A frequently overlooked challenge is engaging with the people and culture of your team.

Your journey of establishing a culture of Continuous Improvement with Vative starts by ensuring that the people in your workplace can relate to the language, tools and techniques of Lean and Six Sigma which are specifically tailored to your individual business’ needs.

Instituting Continuous Improvement as part of your business’s culture provides a competitive advantage which can set you apart from others within your industry. Continuous Improvement means to consistently strive towards doing things better. It applies to individuals and collectively as a business to reach personal and professional goals at the highest of standards. In the long-term, Continuous Improvement achieves improved customer focus, quality of service and delivery, and system processes.

Vative supports the development of a Continuous Improvement system within your business to an independent level that is completely self-sustaining for future benefit. Our Continuous Improvement training focuses on the Toyota Production System principle of ‘Kaizen’. Kaizen means “change for the better” and targets all business activities to improve their functions and aim towards zero defects. The ultimate goal of Kaizen is eliminating waste that prevents a business from working at its optimal level of productivity.

One of the key advantages of Kaizen is it can be used in all industries. This is because the tools and learnings are driven by teamwork. Vative has a successful track record with implementing Continuous Improvement culture across a variety of businesses within the Service Sector, Agriculture, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Mining, Local, State & Federal Government departments and many more.

Through teamwork and waste reduction, Continuous Improvement leads to increased productivity, efficiency, improved workplace morale and better safety standards. These improvements make work easier for all, motivating people to actively strive towards further improvement opportunities within the business.


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