Jetha Devapura

Head of Customer Solutions & Communications

Jetha has a broad range of knowledge and experience spanning over 25 years in various roles such as Continuous Improvement, Engineering, Production Management, Operations Management, Not for Profit Charity Management, Sales & Marketing and Leadership. Jetha’s passion is to empower self and others to make a meaningful difference that adds value to community.

MBA qualified with a Bachelor in Engineering, Jetha understands Continuous Improvement through Lean and Six Sigma coupled with strong leaderships is fundamental in any successful organization. The effort to start and sustain the journey of Continuous Improvement takes persistence and a mindset to see challenges as opportunities to improve.

Jetha believes that Vative programs offer people and organisations unique opportunities to learn the tools of Lean and Six Sigma, as well as develop character strengths that empower leadership qualities within them to start and sustain a culture of Continuous Improvement.