Ike Rotenberg

Business Transformation Specialist

Ike is an accredited Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement Engineering, Project Management and Business Process Improvement specialist. He is now an authorised external Pacemaker for the My Business Excellence® approach to business transformation for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SME’s).

Over the last 25 years, Ike has specialised in helping organisations to reduce costs, improve operations and deliver bottom line profitability, including major organisations in Australia, the USA, Germany and Israel.

Ike has been instrumental in the rollout and delivery of a leading government program to deliver high quality business process improvement support to local start-ups and SMEs, laying the foundation for his current interest and expertise.

Ike now works closely with business owners and senior management teams as an authorised Pacemaker guide and mentor, maximising the benefits of best practice approaches encompassing and fully integrating strategy definition, process improvement and re-engineering through to performance monitoring, knowledge management and leadership transformation, including training and tutoring management and operation staff.

Specific relevant experience includes:

• Motorola warehousing and distribution processes optimisation via Six Sigma and Lean principles
• Process Improvement for the US Army (in collaboration with Motorola)
• Continuous improvement, quality assurance and cost controls for Volkswagen
• Introduction and maintenance of business improvement capability at Visy Industries
• SME Business Process Improvement for many dozens of SMEs and Aged care facilities: with focus on marketing, production / services and supply chain optimisation/daily operations