David Naggs

Business Transformation Specialist

David is passionate about making Continuous Improvement simple and easy to understand for everyone. He is a big believer that lean should be…well…lean!
His first exposure to quality management and lean came when he was in the Air Force at Amberley in south east Queensland working as a technician on F111C aircraft. The F111 was an incredible piece of innovation for its time. As well as the advancement in computer technology required to enable it to be built and keep its variable geometry stable inflight it was however particularly vulnerable to even small errors in maintenance. Two very powerful turbo-fan engines could send the aircraft supersonic in a vertical climb before 20,000 feet but if a single screw or bolt was sucked into the intake: one 2-million-dollar engine totalled! Such ground-breaking innovation built into the aircraft threw up some ground-breaking problems keeping it airworthy.
5S principles tightly managed and controlled the work environment and various Kanban systems helped keep component servicing intervals correct long before computers and databases were available. He learnt to keep looking for new ways to work and keep quality and safety paramount.
As he often asks ‘if any error would cost as high as a loss of 20-30 million $ of equipment and a number of dead crewman what would your quality management be like?’. His passion for lean and six-sigma as a new Black Belt comes with this high level motivation. Achieving more with less and eliminating errors is what he loves and brings to clients CI programs.