Supplier Development Improvement Audit

Supply Chains are notoriously inefficient. According to the Logistics Bureau, only 19% of supply chains achieve 97% stock availability ; only 8% match that with on time delivery of 97%; only 4% do so on the customer’s first request; only 2% of supply chains achieve world class Delivery-In-Full-On-Time (DIFOT).

The Supplier Development Improvement Audit is designed to improve your suppliers performance through Vative’s engagement with them towards Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence. Improved supplier performance means greater throughput, improved productivity and less stock holdings all of which means revenue savings to your business and value add to your clients.


Vative’s Supplier Development Improvement Audit allows your business to:

  • Identify and rank suppliers against critical metrics
  • Measure supplier priority and performance
  • Measure potential revenue savings
  • Measure potential productivity gains
  • Conduct Lean Diagnostic of your top three suppliers
  • Receive report on suppliers’ process improvement areas and actions