Data that is true and simple to understand is fundamental in measuring, improving and sustaining a culture of Continuous Improvement. Vative offers simple and affordable solutions to measure process performance through IoT and Cloud-based software utilising our PerformHub technology as well as measuring the culture of your organisation through application based software via our partners at ShareTree.

Technology Based Monitoring & Reporting

Data that is true and simple to understand is a key input to understanding a process before one can define what is there and what is missing. Vative offers a simple and affordable solution using the connectivity of IoT and cloud base software through PerfromHub.

PerformHub is a flexible monitoring system used to capture real-time data for machine and operator tracking coupled with performance reporting. PerformHub enables quick diagnostic capability based on data and facts thus allowing pin point strategic deployment of continuous improvement methodologies. Cloud based and app enabled, PerformHub links directly to smart phones, tablets and/or Vative’s PerformHub Kiosk.



Growing Mindsets & Cultures of Gratitude

ShareTree is a movement to evolve character, culture and community, so people can live with greater purpose and gratitude. We are a registered charity that empowers greater equity and harmony in society through sharing between individuals, schools, businesses and community organisations. We do this primarily through character education and acknowledgement. We deliver Cultivating Character and Culture programs to individuals, schools, businesses and community organisations via face-to-face workshops and also our FREE ShareTree App.




Employer Testimonial

“Vative was really useful in giving us the tools to pursue continuous improvement. We saved the equivalent of 33 full time staff last year, which proves it’s worthwhile coming up with ideas.”

Cameron Curry, Continuous Improvement Lead, Shared Services Superpartners