Professional Services

Taking a Holistic Approach to Continuous Improvement

Vative’s Professional Services provide a holistic view of the direction of your business and clarity on where the best productivity improvements will come from. We have developed the “Vative Continuous Improvement Journey” to provide organisations with a pathway to follow based upon proven techniques and methodologies. We understand that every company’s journey is unique. So, we work with organisations to develop customised programs of professional services tailored to individual requirements.

Professional Services & Workshops

Strategic Readiness Check


Is your organisation ready for a Continuous Improvement strategy? Take our complimentary strategic readiness assessment and find out if your business is ready for improvement deployment by assessing 5 critical pillars of your organisation.

Strategy and Alignment

Vative’s Leadership Alignment and Coaching services are based on empowering leaders with the critical success factors for continuous improvement and to have a clear understanding and direction about their own role to motivate and empower others to continually improve. Leadership alignment is one of the most critical inputs to ensure the CI journey in your organisation starts well and is supported to see ongoing improvements.

Current & Desired Future State

Vative’s Business Strategy and Analysis services provide a holistic view on the direction of your business and clarity on where the best productivity improvements will come from. Vative delivers an unbiased third-party perspective that will help to guide you in making the most accurate decisions to prepare your business for growth through improvement in people, processes and productivity.

Capability & Development

Knowledge is power and skill is applying that power to reach outcomes. Vative offers a comprehensive choice of Lean and Six Sigma training programs to build your knowledge and skills to get the best outcomes from your continuous improvement (CI) journey. The training is enhanced with National Accredited Qualification and International Certification through demonstration of skills in project outcomes and assessment.

Project Management

People are the key ingredient that set all organisations apart. Vative truly believes that our strength to be “innoVative” comes from our Business Transformation Specialists who are not only skilled Lean Six Sigma practitioners, but also have a wealth of varied industry experience in leading and managing large teams and projects.

Results & Certification

Vative has a track record of coaching and empowering our clients to achieve ROIs in the range of a minimum 300% up to over 1,500% on their improvement projects. What is key to Vative and our clients is to sustain the change while uncovering more opportunities for improvement.

Benefits of Working with Vative

Globally Certified​

Vative’s Lean Six Sigma programs meet the international certification requirements set by our certifying partner Lean Six Sigma Society of Professionals (LSSSP). While less valuable certifications only require assessment through an exam, Vative courses certified by LSSSP also require participants to successfully complete an improvement project(s). This traceable certification demonstrates to all enquirers that Vative Lean Six Sigma Certification programs are up to the highest requirement standards and are recognised globally. Vative’s Lean Six Sigma program material and certification standards were developed with the help of Motorola University.

Industry Specialists

People are the key ingredient that set all organisations apart. Vative truly believes that our strength to be innovative comes from our Business Transformation Specialists who are not only skilled Lean Six Sigma practitioners, but also have a wealth of varied industry experience in leading and managing large teams and projects. The project implementation is the most valuable process for our clients as they get an experienced and qualified Lean Six Sigma practitioner who will look at the project planning and implementation cycle through a Lean Six Sigma lens of effectiveness and efficiency.

Nationally Accredited

Nationally Accredited Lean Programs by Vative value add to both employees as well as to organisations. Individuals gain skills when they apply the learnings to a workplace-based improvement project. Improvement projects form part of the assessment for the individual to receive the Nationally Accredited Qualification. Organisations benefit from having greater skilled employees as well as substantial and tangible savings derived from the improvement projects. Our Continuous Improvement programs may also be government funded, making it a financially practical pathway to up-skill employees and drive a culture of Continuous Improvement.

300% ROI

Whether implemented as part of a team training program initiative or delivered through a blend of consulting and project management services, process improvement projects are designed to yield a significant benefit to your business—a return on investment of at least three hundred percent. Vative's Customer Solutions team is composed of highly skilled Continuous Improvement professionals. These individuals possess both the expertise and practical experience required in change management environments across a diverse range of industry sectors. Our team offers comprehensive services for complex projects aimed at enhancing overall organizational performance and delivering a minimum return on investment of 300%.

Accredited Training – Nationally and Globally Recognised

Vative's accredited training programs offer individuals in any industry sector the opportunity to engage in process improvement projects, culminating in a nationally recognised qualification. Governed by the Australian Qualifications Skills Authority (ASQA), Vative ensures that its accredited training programs adhere to industry standards in Lean Six Sigma methodologies, providing employees with the acknowledgment and benefits of a Competitive Systems and Practices qualification. Vative's qualification spectrum commences at Certificate III, with options for upskilling available at both Certificate IV and Diploma levels. For those seeking highly specialised expertise, Vative offers Lean Six Sigma Green Belt qualifications at the Graduate Certificate level.

Furthermore, Vative's Lean and Lean Six Sigma programs provide specialised certification outcomes, granting individuals the status of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt or Black Belt. These certifications align with the global benchmark initially established by Motorola University and later recognised through ISO 18404:2015.

Government Funded Initiatives

Vative's initiatives for business transformation have the potential to attract Government funding through State-based training subsidies and/or Federal incentives and grants. With access to the following State contestable funding contracts, your business can access the following training subsidies:

o Victoria’s Skills First Program
o New South Wales Smart and Skilled Initiative
o Queensland’s User Choice Skills Assure Program

Vative's State funding contracts come with eligibility and delivery compliance requirements, ensuring adherence to high-quality standards set by the relevant Government regulatory bodies.

The Australian Government provides a range of incentives and grants aimed at supporting industries considered priority sectors. These incentives include financial support for new workers participating in an approved Competitive Systems and Practices traineeships, as well as other Federal grants designed to assist companies making co-contribution investments in productivity improvement initiatives that contributes to business growth and the labor market.

Specialised Expertise

Commencing with an obligation-complimentary consultation led by one of our Solutions Specialists, our team starts by assisting your business in designing a comprehensive strategy for continuous improvement deployment. This includes providing a documented proposal of services that may also qualify for Government-funded support. Our Solution Specialist team offers expert knowledge in operational excellence best practices, empowering your business to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Our engagement services features highly skilled and experienced Business Transformation Specialists. These specialists play a crucial role in facilitating and project managing the overall deployment, supported by Business Transformation Practitioners. The Practitioners provide additional hands-on implementation assistance and project coaching across your front-line operations. Both our Specialists and Practitioners bring extensive industry experience, complemented by their credentials in Continuous Improvement.

Tailored Solutions

In recognising the individuality of each business, Vative stands out by providing a unique and holistic service offering. Our differentiator lies in the tailoring of deployment strategies, understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. At Vative, we seamlessly integrate expert consulting and advisory services with hands-on facilitation of training and coaching for teams. This approach aims to empower your business to sustain a continuous improvement strategy through a transformative culture shift, rather than extending a dependence on external professional services. We customise projects and delivery models to align with your operational capacity and capability, ensuring that the outcomes achieved are not only effective but also tailored to your specific needs. Vative's 5-stage deployment model adds depth and breadth to our approach, assuring your business of a truly innovative engagement.

Vative prioritises a thorough comprehension of the current state of a business before engaging in its operations. Our in-depth analysis involves a meticulous examination of the value stream within the business operations, ensuring a detailed understanding of the existing process constraints and areas of waste. This approach allows us to align improvements strategically, addressing specific challenges. This unveils a comprehensive understanding of your business processes, we tailored solutions that are seamlessly integrated into project teams. This ensures that your team is engaged in implementing solutions specifically crafted to address the unique needs and intricacies of your business.