Vative recently held another 3-day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop on the 23rd September.

The workshop saw a number of individuals across industries such as consulting, manufacturing, FMCG, HR, logistics, pharmaceutical and more attend and participate in the learnings. The workshop was run by one of Vative’s Master Black Belt facilitators Parth Bommakanti, who provided real-life examples of the learnings through his executive background in the automotive industry.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt's devising their strategy

During the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training session, participants were exposed to an array of Lean and Six-Sigma tools that can be applied to workplaces of all types. Through extensive scenario building and interactive learning, each participant related their understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology to their own workplace, in addition to their own daily lives. This was evident through questions and insightful open group discussions.

The main simulation project of the three-day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt workshop saw participants separate into groups of two, tasked with finding a solution to an inaccurate, misfiring desk catapult. The goal was to launch a ping-pong ball into a plastic cup that was placed 2.7 metres away from the catapult. In doing so, a 100% success rate needed to be achieved in order to mark the project as successful. This may sound impossible (which is exactly what everybody was thinking) however, through the implementation of Lean Six Sigma principles, both groups were able to map a process and find a solution to the problem. The results proved a 100% success rate on the final day. The ball hit or entered the cup every time – incredible!

Best of luck to all of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt participants who are currently undertaking their online exam to achieve certification. We look forward to the upcoming Lean Practitioner workshops.

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