Time & Motion Studies

Published on 21 January 2020

What are Time & Motion Studies and how can they help my workplace?

Vative Time & Motion Studies will provide your business with an overview of value adding processes and how they are balanced between process steps. Time & Motion Studies are used to improve processes including Quick Change Over (SMED) and Standard Work.

Using Lean techniques, we teach your team about:

  • The importance of improving change over times
  • Details of change over including internal/external time, preparation and after tasks
  • Efficient sequencing of the change over
  • Identifying waste in the current process
  • Effectively implementing systems to eliminate waste
  • Monitoring the performance of the change over
  • Continuing the process for other types of change overs
  • Quick Change Over, Standard Work and Labour Balancing information

To learn more about how a basic time study operates, download our free PDF.

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