Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Published on 21 January 2020

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – A critical, yet often neglected step in business efficiency improvement.

A critical, yet often neglected step in business efficiency improvement, is the final step – standardising the improvement. Standardising the improvement ensures it is sustained and prevents it from reverting to former, inefficient practices.

Your business systems are your assets – they are the gears and levers of your business. If these assets aren’t captured and recorded, then they don’t physically exist. They only exist in the minds of you and your employees, which leaves the question of how many (if any) of your employees understand the correct version? It’s easy to see how this can become a problem, especially if a key employee departs your business.

What is the value of your business to a buyer if these systems are not standardised and are not recorded?

You need to protect your investment in people and systems by:

  • Having all your SOPs documented, up-to-date and complete
  • Maintaining your SOPs and changing them to reflect new procedures, systems, circumstances and regulatory requirements
  • Ensuring your staff have the knowledge to perform their tasks using best practice

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