Lean Mistake Proofing (Poka-Yoke)

Published on 21 January 2020

Improve Workplace efficiency using Mistake Proofing (Poka-Yoke)

Poka-Yoke is the Japanese term for Mistake Proofing. Mistake proofing ensures that any chance of error is eliminated by way of process, product or service design.

Mistake proofed processes can improve workplace efficiency by eliminating costly investments by detecting potential quality problems and eliminating the chance of error. This not only provides quality assurance that business processes are error free but saves time and costly effort with work that must be re-done or fixed. The ultimate goal of Mistake Proofing is to design a system/operation in such a way, that it cannot be performed incorrectly.

Mistake Proofing techniques involve:

  • Identifying potential quality risks and root cause issues in processes
  • Implementing systems that will reduce costly quality errors and re-work
  • Developing a clean understanding of the optimum way to complete tasks

Mistake proofing techniques are ideally used for repetitive processes only. The best results are achieved when linked to a product or service design. The ultimate goal is to strive towards a zero-defect management strategy.

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