Layout Planning

Published on 21 January 2020

How will Layout Planning Increase Efficiency in my Organisation?

The objective of Layout Planning is to create a physical arrangement that enables a more effective workflow, in order to meet the required output in the most economical way. Layout Planning can substantially improve efficiency and streamlining of your organisation’s processes.

After conducting an extensive analysis of the business and its processes, Vative will best position equipment and resources to enhance customer requirements and workflow. This ensures that the shortest lead time and highest quality output can be achieved.

Layout Planning provides:

  • A defined location for all equipment, inventory and service access
  • Optimise flow patterns for high volume processes
  • Graphical representation for easier planning
  • Flexibility on Layout for strategic changes
  • Clarity for potential changes in the design phase
  • Improves workplace aesthetics for staff and assists in 5S
  • Ensures workplace meets Occupational Health and Safety requirements
  • Improved organisation that encourages workplace efficiencies for all employees

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