Kaizen & Continuous Improvement Training

Published on 21 January 2020

What is Kaizen and Continuous Improvement Training and how will it help my workplace?

In business, the strongest tend to flourish and the weak struggle or fade away. In order to gain a competitive advantage, it is vital that we continually seek ways to improve our current processes and methodologies. Organisations which take their eyes off this fundamental teaching, are prone to falling behind.

Vative’s Continuous Improvement training focuses on the way Toyota uses ‘Kaizen’ as an underlying principle, which is something that every employee should practice daily – it is a mindset.

Continuous Improvement is a competitive advantage all businesses can adopt. Vative establishes Continuous Improvement culture by developing the Continuous Improvement system within your business to a level whereby it is self-sustaining. Once established into the organisation’s culture, Continuous Improvement delivers positive change – usually in the form of productivity and efficiency improvements. These improvements tend to make work easier for all, which then motivates people to actively seek the next improvement opportunity while having a secondary effect of improving culture and morale.

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