Lean Services

Lean, in the form of Lean Services has made an expanding contribution to business optimisation in office and service environments. Implementing Lean Services will allow you to better visualise the structure of systems within your business, which can often be challenging in information-only environments. This will uncover opportunities to reduce or eliminate waste (activities which are not valuable from your customer’s perspective) within your organisation.

Common Issues that Lean Services can Address:

“Why does it take so long to process a request through our system and back to a customer?”
This is generally due to bottlenecks within your systems and processes. Lean Services can help you achieve an efficient workflow and flexible labour balance to improve customer satisfaction and employee morale.

“Can you locate a requested document in 30 seconds or less?”
One of the skills that are taught through Vative’s Lean Services programs is called ‘5S’ – a simple, yet robust and powerful methodology that will allow you to take control of workplace organisation. This will substantially reduce the time spent looking for materials and immediately improve productivity.

“Sorry we can’t provide that service today as Jenny is away sick. If someone else does it they might make a mistake, so you had best wait until Jenny returns.”
Lean Services will standardise and error-proof your processes, whilst cross-training your workforce. This ensures you are always able to respond to you customers needs in a timely and accurate manner.

“How can our competition quote so low and still make a profit?”
Ongoing business is a race to see who can improve quicker. The reason why your competitors can quote less is due to their minimal overheads. Improved productivity and efficiency means less overheads. This creates an improvement in customer satisfaction, cost savings and profitability. A Lean Services program will teach you to see improvement opportunities and implement them now, in order for you to reinvest your savings to continue your improvement path.

La Trobe University Achieves $2.6 Million in Savings and an Average ROI of 250% on ICT Projects

Vative’s ongoing Lean Services program has delivered major financial benefits to La Trobe University, with ICT (Information and Communications Technology) projects alone achieving $2.6 million in savings after two and a half years. ICT staff have completed 41 projects from a total of 62, with an average ROI of 250 per cent per project. For more information, please see our Case Studies section.


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