Lean Mining

To date, the projects resulting from Vative’s Lean projects and courses have achieved an average of 1000% return on investment (ROI).

Mining in Australia has seen an incredible speed of development, which explains why many sites and systems have the potential for significant productivity improvements. As a result, the ROI on Lean Mining projects can easily exceed 5000% or more. Generally, business and operational systems will become more productive as they mature, however even in mature systems, if best-practice Lean Mining systems are not maintained there will always be large opportunities for improvement through efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

Labour Utilisation

In a high cost country, the ability to identify and eliminate wasted labour time can deliver enormous savings – quickly. Lean Mining will improve labour utilisation through 5S workplace organisation, work definition and standardisation, quick changeovers, reduced breakdowns, reduced quality defects (meaning less rework), cross training and labour balancing.

Continuous Improvement Mindset

There is a common trait that is shared by leading global companies – they differentiate themselves from their competition via their culture of excellence and commitment towards continuous improvement. Accepting problems just as “the way things are done here”, and “it’s not my fault” or “it’s management’s fault” are prime examples of a negative attitude that can become viral. Vative recognises that a culture of continuous improvement is the key measurement of performance outcomes, therefore our services ensure that this is our primary focus.

Six Sigma Statistical Control

Mining production offers enormous opportunities to utilise Six Sigma skills for statistical control. If inputs to a process can be monitored, quality problems and downtime can be avoided. A Lean Mining implementation plan will allow you to achieve this.

Magnum Australia Achieve Outstanding Success with Lean Mining

Magnum Australia design and manufacture robust, functional and cost effective high-pressure water dispersal products focused on the Australian mining and quarry industries. Vative’s Lean Mining program has instilled a culture of continuous improvement to all levels of the business and resulted in significantly reduced operational overheads. One example of a project completed during Vative’s program was the identification of excessive waste during a tank manufacturing process. A Lean Practitioner utilised his skills to identify and implement improvements resulting in the process lead time reduced from 5 weeks to 3 weeks with a project ROI of over 10,000%.

Vative is currently working with large mining organisations, including the likes of BHP Billiton and international organisation’s that have a presence in Australia.

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