Lean Logistics

Vative’s services provide enormous insights into efficiency improvements in many industries. The transport and logistics sector has seen revolutionary change in recent times with demand exploding. Benchmark businesses provide amazing examples of organisation and structure worldwide. Modern ‘logistics experts’ are aplenty offering a sea of systems and products. This can be confronting and makes the process of decision making a lot more difficult.

Lean Logistics is recognised globally as the best method for logistics design and optimisation and is the method used by successful companies across the globe. The framework combines tools and methodologies from both Lean and Six Sigma, and enables your organisation to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency by eliminating waste. This increases productivity, quicker delivery times and overall customer satisfaction, amongst many other benefits.

Lean Logistics offers an answer to some of the following questions:

  • Are drivers waiting to be loaded/unloaded?
  • Are forklift drivers or pickers too busy or waiting for work?
  • Are staff searching for stock?
  • Do stock/equipment lack a designated holding area?
  • Are there dark corners in your warehouse where mystery items are stashed?
  • Do you suffer from inventory shortages?
  • Do you have excessive inventory levels?
  • Are you unsure of what inventory to carry/inventory level requirements?
  • Are higher moving items stored closer to pick points?
  • Are trucks not fully utilised?
  • Is there excessive paperwork or ‘red tape’?
  • Is there stock damage?
  • Are you seeing double and triple handling of stock?
  • How often do picking errors occur?

Lean Logistics will help you design new systems to minimise or eliminate waste such as those mentioned in the points above.

Achieve Cost Savings and Cultural Change – Like TOLL

Toll’s Kmart site began their lean journey with Vative in June 2012 and have since educated and motivated over 100 staff to implement improvements in their everyday work. Team leaders in the business have identified and are working toward hundreds of thousands of dollars in capacity savings through projects such as improved material handling equipment utilisation and a reduction in double handling due to stock overflow. Their management team have greatly improved their Continuous Improvement process with fortnightly meetings becoming the driver of culture improvement and cost reduction. Vative’s impressive results at Toll’s Kmart site have led to the scoping to the expansion of our services to 3 other Toll sites.

Visit the Case Studies page to see a detailed example of successful Lean Logistics implementation.


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