Lean IT

Information Technology is the standardisation and mechanisation of information processing. It has been the largest driver of productivity improvements throughout the world, especially in the last century.

Information Technology’s complexity attracts some of the brightest minds in our workforce who have the capability to create and maintain a high level of detail in a virtual world. However the people-based processes behind IT departments are just as likely to be susceptible to ‘waste’ as any other service organisation.

Vative’s Lean IT business improvement programs focus on Lean Six Sigma methodologies including the Value Stream Mapping tool, which allows you to visually depict the flow of information through your department’s processes, identify bottlenecks and areas needing improvement, and use other Lean IT tools to reduce or eliminate waste.

Here Are Some Questions to Put it into Perspective:

  • How many electronic and/or paper forms are required for a task?
  • How much information is duplicated?
  • How is each copy of information stored and for how long?
  • How organised is your virtual filing system?
  • How organised is your physical filing system?
  • How many phone calls and/or emails are required?
  • How many levels of approval are required?
  • How many people, across how many departments are involved in the process?
  • Where is equipment stock kept, and how are stock levels controlled?
  • How long does the entire process take, and how long should it take?

Lean Software Development and Agile

Lean IT can be also be applied to software development. It is similar to the Agile development methodology in many ways, as it promotes simple, clear, regular and quick communication. Lean IT promotes a positive culture whereby communication is collaborative and direct. It teaches the foundational tools to ensure this process is understood and employed by all. Lean It will help to reduce errors and rework.

La Trobe University Achieves $2.6 Million in Savings and an Average ROI of 250% on ICT Projects

Vative’s ongoing Lean Services program has delivered major financial benefits to La Trobe University, with ICT (Information and Communications Technology) projects alone achieving $2.6 million in savings after two and a half years. ICT staff have completed 41 projects from a total of 62, with an average ROI of 250 per cent per project. For more information, please see our Case Studies section.


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