Lean Construction

Amongst tight competition construction projects can face considerable cost pressures which squeeze deadlines and result in on-site issues due to planning shortfalls. Overcoming these challenges can be difficult due to the fractured, contractual nature of construction projects and often a failure to effectively measure the cost impact of inefficiencies. Vative assists its clients through Lean Construction by creating and maintaining a holistic approach across the project and improving planning, communication, and logistics coordination.

Lean Construction works by identifying and eliminating ‘waste’. ‘Waste’ is defined by work that is done that does not benefit the end customer. For example, a tradesperson having to wait to start work, as a necessary step hasn’t been completed. A lean training course will provide the skills to identify waste, and design solutions to reduce or eliminate it.

The Following are Chosen Examples of Lean Construction on Projects:

  • A gap often exists between design and construction whereby the appropriate attention is not given to logistical considerations in the design stage. This creates downtime costs when problems occur on-site.
  • Developing systems to manage the flow of large components to site when they are needed – not after and not before.
  • Developing on-site systems to manage construction materials based on requirements. Having the right materials in the right quantities:
    • reduces wasted motions;
    • improves health and safety due to organised material on site and reduced handling;
    • reduces damaged material;
    • reduces downtime due to waiting for materials.
  • Improving the utilisation of labour on site. For repetitive tasks, a time and motion study would be conducted, followed by job creation and labour balancing. For non-repetitive tasks, visible and flexible tools should be used so that communication is quick, clear and concise, and plans are able to be changed in real time.
  • Doing jobs right the first time – reducing time reworking, reducing hazards of reworking and delivering a better quality project.

Abigroup utilised Vative’s expertise to re-design processes in a construction project to increase their labour utilisation from 50% to 82%, resulting in millions of dollars of potential labour saving. Visit our Case Studies page to read more details about this Abigroup project.

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