Creating Growth Through Productivity

Vative supports growth within organisations by improving productivity and developing a continuous improvement culture. Vative’s consulting services utilise an extensive range of proven Leadership, Culture and Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies coupled with experience in managing change and continuous improvement. All Vative’s services are delivered with a strongly developed continuous improvement mindset with the end goal being improved people and process performance within a sustainable framework.

Vative 5 Step Continuous Improvement



Continuous Improvement Culture

Strategy & Alignment

Executive Alignment
Key leadership engagement to align continuous improvement values and behaviours that drives organisational culture towards a true north.

Strategic Planning
Known as Hoshin Kanri, cascades organisational strategy into tactical actions to eliminate wasted efforts through inconsistent direction and poor communication.

Communication Plan
A standardised communication plan to incorporate components of the organisation’s Continuous Improvement strategy and vision to ensure all levels of an organisation are aligned and informed of the journey.

1. Strategy & Alignment

Current & Desired Future State

Value Stream Mapping
Detailed analysis on the current state of the organisation’s product/service value stream in order to detect wastes and improve the flow of processes to achieve a desired future state.

Kaizen Cost Benefit Analysis
Improvements to the value stream prioritised based on a cost, benefit and difficulty whereby the pareto principle arranges focus on projects delivering the greatest impact.

Lean Business Diagnostic
A Lean business health check outlining the maturity against six key pillars of continuous improvement:  Process Orientation, Standardisation, Perfect Quality, Transparency, Flexibility and Pull Systems.

2. Current & Desired Future State

Capability & Development

Nationally Accredited Programs
Delivery of nationally recognised training across a wide range of Competitive Systems and Practices qualifications starting from Certificate II through to Graduate Diploma which also includes accessible Government funding.

Lean & Six Sigma Programs
Internally certified training programs in Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt levels, also available are Lean Practitioner through to Expert and Master levels. All programs offer online training options.

Customised Continuous Improvement Workshops
Bespoke workshops tailored to suit any workplace skill needs, workshops are interactively delivered both live online or in the workplace across all continuous improvement methodologies: Lean, Six Sigma and Agile.

3. Capability & Development

Project Management

Lean Six Sigma Project Consulting
Specialisation in process engineering, layout planning and cell design including effective measurement of equipment and capital resources.

Project Management Facilitation and Training
Training and coaching project teams in the use of proven project management methodologies such as DMAIC, PDCA and Agile to deploy workplace improvement projects from strategy to execution.

Performance Monitoring Technology Systems
With use of IoT devices together with custom built software that is cloud based with mobile application capability to provide real-time performance of overall effectiveness of machine or movement of product. The measurement of asset availability and performance and with customised quality providing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

4. Project Management

Results & Certification

Executive Summary
Summarised overview on overall engagement highlighting critical factors on successful outcomes, results on savings, areas of concern and risk to sustain outcomes and recommendations on strategies to propagate a continuous improvement culture transformation.

Return on Investment (ROI) Reporting
Engagements with project teams yield a ROI in measurements of monetary value and time. Reports prior to project execution indicate a projected ROI and post-implementation measured again for its effectiveness against ROI.

Certificate Presentations
All team members are acknowledged for their efforts with a certificate towards their credentials, from participation certificates to Australian recognised qualifications and international certification across all programs and courses are presented to recognise, reward and celebrate success.

5. Results & Certification

About Vative

Vative has extensive experience across a wide range of industry sectors from manufacturing, service, mining, government, retail, food manufacturing, agriculture and engineering to name a few. This extensive industry experience combined with the application of Lean Six Sigma methodologies and mindset can be your secret weapon to achieving business excellence.

Our Approach

Vative recognises that a mindset of Continuous Improvement is fundamental in applying Lean Six Sigma skills to reach the best outcomes.

We take the “Learn, Do, Teach” approach to coach and mentor your people throughout the journey. We believe continuous improvement is a journey not just a destination.

Vative offers a choice of Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Leadership programs all designed to develop continuous improvement leaders. You have the choice of full programs or units to specifically cater for your organisation’s skill gap needs. We also run several Public Programs throughout the year as well as programs at your organisation.

As everyone learns differently Vative offers a range of programs from face to face engagements, blended (face-to-face and online) and fully online to give people the choice that suits them best.

The programs offered by Vative also gives the choice between National Accredited and International Certification programs or both. This is a unique offering by Vative Academy, which is a Registered Training Organisation (TOID 70227) accredited through the Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver Nationally Recognised Qualifications Australia wide.


  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Freeing capacity to allow for growth
  • Motivated staff willing to change for the better
  • Less waste and reduced lead times
  • A culture of continuous improvement
  • Business strategy development and staff alignment
  • Nationally and Internationally Certified Programs
  • Public and In-house programs
  • Access to Government Funding
  • Lean Six Sigma skill development
  • Coaching and Mentoring Services
  • Master Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Facilitators
  • Experience and expertise across industry sectors

Vative’s Lean and Six Sigma consulting and training services are designed to provide quality and ongoing results for organisations through streamlining processes and procedures, boosting employee morale and profitability.

Vative is a Registered Training Organisation accredited through the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver Nationally Accredited Qualifications Australia wide.

Vative’s Lean Six Sigma program materials and certification standards were developed with the help of Motorola University. Motorola was the first company to develop and implement Six Sigma methodology across its organisation in the 1980s. We have a unique offering to certify our Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt programs as well as our Lean Practitioner program with both a Nationally Accredited Qualification and an International Certification.

As the world is rapidly developing with technological advances, it’s vital for organisations to continuously streamline their processes and procedures to facilitate the best outcomes possible. Industry sectors are becoming more complex and connected by the day, so it’s important to reduce waste, costs and enhance efficiencies to stay competitive. This is where Vative steps in to assist.

Vative has a dedicated team with direct experience across hundreds of industries including Manufacturing, Service, Agriculture, Mining, Retail, Government and several other sectors. We understand the holistic nature of businesses in terms of their people and processes and aim to achieve efficiencies through a Continuous Improvement mindset within both.

Losing sight “of the forest” of savings by “the trees” of familiarity is not uncommon. Vative provides an outside perspective to discovery where those savings are through professional services which include Analysis and Alignment, Leadership and Culture, Capabilities and Coaching, Project Implementation, Continuous Improvement and a variety of workshops to assist your business to maximise its potential.

Our highly sought-after Lean Six Sigma training and Nationally Accredited Qualifications assist by elevating employees to become leaders and improvement contributors within the business. Lean is a proven methodology and tool kit used to eliminate waste by reducing process time and increasing flow. Six Sigma is a methodology and tool kit used to improve process capability by reducing process variation. Together Lean Six Sigma is a powerful tool which can be used to differentiate your business from a competitor within your industry sector. Its purpose is to reduce process waste and variation and in doing so, it creates a chain reaction of improvements to staff morale, product and service performance, customer satisfaction and ultimately to profits and shareholder returns.

These programs are organised into a ‘belt system,’ to define the level of understanding including: Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Organisations which implement Lean Six Sigma correctly achieve significant benefits that contribute to competitive advantage and to changing the culture in an organisation from reactive problem solving to proactive problem prevention. Vative’s Lean and Six Sigma programs for organisations are designed for longevity so that companies’ practices remain streamlined and agile, able to respond to future plans or projects.


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