Meet Our Team

Mike Morrow

Business Transformation Specialist

Mike Morrow, an accomplished Industrial Engineer, wears multiple hats as a Sessional Lecturer and Consultant, contributing significantly to the realm of Lean Manufacturing. Mike goes beyond the theoretical, offering businesses invaluable experience and insights into key aspects like Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Layout Design, Line Balancing, and Quick Change Over reduction. His passion for educating the next generation of engineers extends to providing practical knowledge that bridges the gap between academia and industry application. 

As a seasoned consultant, Mike specialises in enhancing organisational productivity through a holistic approach rooted in best practices. By meticulously designing an organisation’s current state and future  of their operations, he identifies critical areas that impact overall effectiveness and cost efficiency. Mike leverages his expertise in Industrial Engineering and Lean methods to strategically target and improve these areas, ensuring a harmonized and optimized system. His extensive experience, highlighted by his tenure as a Senior Consultant, Productivity, at the Queensland Manufacturing Institute (QMI) Solutions, showcases his proficiency in implementing Lean methodologies.

Professional Services Specialisation 

  • Business Strategy 
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching 
  • Business Analysis 
  • Lean Six Sigma Capability Development 
  • Accredited Training 
  • Project Management Services 

Education & Training 

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Manufacturing Systems  
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 
  • Method-Time Measurement (MTM) – Blue Card Certification 

Industry Sectors 

  • Manufacturing 
  • Supply Chain