Standard Work & Labour Balancing

Is your business struggling with how to improve its efficiency?

Standard Work tools develop and document the most efficient methods for your team to conduct work on the most common activities. This will ensure that your processes are completed in the most effective means with regards to quality and efficiency.

Standard work tools allows for new team members to be easily trained using best practices methods and in the shortest time. A standard approach towards the activities and tasks performed daily in the workplace also reduces the chance of error.

Once data for each workflow process is gathered, it then allows for multiple processes within the value stream to be balanced. This will help your process achieve greater output and efficiencies with the same labour allocations. These tools ties in closely with OEE and Capacity Planning.

Benefits of Vative’s Standard Work tools:

  • A clear team understanding of the optimum way to complete tasks
  • Transparency in process requirements
  • Accurate time studies for each of the specific tasks for each variant

Benefits of Vative’s Labour Balancing tools:

  • Encouragement of single piece flow in any given process
  • Best utilisation and improved efficiencies of available labour and skill
  • Elimination of bottlenecks and creation of pace makers to meet customer demand

BEFORE LABOUR BALANCING – Cycle Time = 260secs

AFTER LABOUR BALANCING – Cycle Time = 196 secs (24% improvement)

Download Free PDF to learn more about Standard Work and Labour Balancing. Contact us to find out how we can help you implement Standard Work and Labour Balancing tool to help you achieve your business improvement goals.

Download our PDF to learn more about Standard Work and Labour Balancing