Quick Changeover or SMED

Improve Workplace Efficiencies using Quick Changeover (QCO) / SMED

Quick Changeover Continuous Improvements systematically reduce the downtime experienced when your process changes between variant types.

Long changeover set up and changeover times impact on businesses, leaving staff idle while equipment is down and excess batching and queues in the delivery of services / products.

Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) is a theory and set of techniques that aims at reducing equipment set up times to less than 10 minutes, hence the term ‘Single Minute’.

Businesses can utilise QCO / SMED to improve workplace organisation and equipment layout and to help engage teams to determine the ‘one best way’ of working together.

Using Lean QCO / SMED techniques’ we teach teams about:

  • Why changeover times are important
  • Details of changeover with regards to internal / external time , preparation and after tasks
  • Sequencing the changeover efficiently
  • Identifying waste in the current process
  • Effectively re-designing those process steps  to eliminate those wastes
  • Monitoring performance of the changeover time
Pit Crew

The ultimate goal is to be as effective as a pit crew!

Benefits of Vative’s QCO or SMED strategies:

  • Improves Overall Equipment Effectiveness by reducing downtime
  • Increases Quality Improvement of workplace processes
  • Simplifies and standardises work processes
  • Creates flexibility in processes
  • Can improve employee ergonomics and fatigue levels

Download our Free PDF to learn more about Quick Changeover or SMED. Contact us to find out how we can help you implement Quick Changeover or SMED to help you achieve your business improvement goals.

Download our PDF to learn more about Quick Changeover or SMED